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  Nr. 89 - February 2006
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Good News from the Health Centre

by Dr A.J. Polyzoides - President of the Health Centre, February 2006
I am pleased to tell you that after some concerns regarding the smooth running of the Health Centre recently, particularly in relation to heart disease as there seems to be a worrying increase in the number of patients with myocardial infarctions, we have some good news.

Six months ago, a full-time cardiologist was appointed to the Health Centre and this meant that a cardiac ultrasound machine was necessary to investigate cardiac problems. The health authority in Syros – which is responsible for the running of the island health centres and for purchasing equipment – did not have the funds available to buy this machine, and so I approached the Mayor of Paros to help us financially with the purchase.

Despite the fact that the Municipality is not responsible for buying equipment and is not obliged to give money for the running of the Centre as this is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, after discussions with the Council it was decided unanimously to give us money for this machine as well as for a mammography machine which had been requested by our gynaecologist Dr Arkas so that we can screen the ladies of Paros and diagnose early breast cancer. The Municipality has generously given 110,000 euros for their acquisition and they will be presented by the Mayor to the Health Centre as soon as they have been purchased.

The Council of the Health Centre and I are very grateful to the Mayor and the Council of Paros for this donation and for their progressive attitude to diagnosing these diseases.

My vision for a successful Health Centre here on Paros is that everybody has to help their Centre in every possible way – the community, the people who run businesses, the Municipality and the Church – we must all work together so that we can have the best facility possible. The island health centres are so detached from the mainland and we can be cut off in bad weather conditions when even the Super-Puma helicopters cannot come. I hope that this gesture of the Municipality will encourage other sectors of the community to become involved.

As Aristotle believed, the Dimos on its own cannot function without the help of the citizens within their strength and their means so that the society can function successfully and achieve their aims.
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