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Municipal Works in Progress

by Angelica Eder, December 2005
Some significant projects are currently underway to improve and upgrade facilities and infrastructure in the islands.

Paroikia Town Centre (Palaia Agora)

The first phase of rebuilding and reconstruction in the centre of town was undertaken in 2004. For the first time in many years systematic research and planning was employed together with the archaeological department to restore, upgrade and improve the old Agora – specifically the areas of the Kastro, Chalara and Tholakia. In 2004 DEYAP (the water authority) started to link the centre of town to the island’s water supply and sewerage system and to replace the old asbestos and lead water pipes with plastic ones. At the same time DEH re-routed electrical cables underground and many parts of the Agora were re-paved. The works are now in the second phase and still in progress.

Manto Mavrogennis Square & Aligaria Square

With a surface area of 11,000m2, Plateia M. Mavrogennis is the biggest square in town. This square is situated right next to the port and is where the banks, Olympic Airways office, the police station and other public services are located, making it of general importance to the residents of the island as well as to our annual visitors. No substantial improvements have been done on this site since the 80s, but work began at the end of October this year and is estimated to be finished by the beginning of the 2006 tourist season. Plans are for a complete metamorphosis of the space, which will be car-free except for one feeder road to be used only for delivery services to shops and public institutions.

The children’s playground will remain, but be moved to the space behind the OTE building and there will be pergolas and benches installed, trees, bushes and flowers planted.
The materials that will be used by the building contractor – the Archimidis Company – in the remodelling are marble, “psaroplaka” paving and “kivolithos” cobblestone.

Final costs, to be borne by the Paros Municipality and the Ministry of Development, are estimated to be 1,700,000 euros plus another 450,000 euros for the Plateia Aligaria, which will also undergo structural transformations.

The Seafront Promenade

The seafront area from the KAPI (old Town Hall) down to Livadia as far as the Argo Hotel will be restructured so as to be more user-friendly for pedestrians. Plans are to remove the massive rocks that line the seafront which were installed between 1994-1998 and to move the pedestrian zone closer to the sea again. Re-paving has started about a month ago between the little church of Ag.Nikolaos in the port towards Livadia and will continue through the winter.

Naoussa Port & Central Square

Construction work that has started already earlier this year is progressing. Plans for the second phase include an extension of the marina as well as restructuring of the port area and the main square next to the bus station. The Archimidis Company is also performing this work and estimated final costs are 1 million euros.

Municipal Works on Naxos

Currently one of the biggest building sites in the Cyclades is the port of Naxos.

Phase One, which is already well underway, covers the reconstruction and rebuilding works of the damages caused by the 2003 floods. This includes the area of Palateia (the site of the famous Portara), where the electrical lighting system and parts of the paving were destroyed, the space around the port church of the Myrtidiotissa, the seafront road below the town hall, as well as the reconstruction of the sea wall and the port basin, where tons of amassed sand have to be dug up in order to provide the necessary depth.

Phase Two, which will be a complete remodelling of the port, is expected to be started at the end of this year with an estimated duration of two years. Plans include alterations to extend the northern and the southern sea wall and the central quay and general restructuring to improve the traffic and parking situation in the port.

The building contractor is the company Anastilotiki SA and estimated costs, funded by both Greece and the EU, are about 7 million euros.
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