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  Nr. 86 - October 2005
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Archilochos and His Age

As most readers already know, 2005 was designated the “Year of Archilochos” by the Paros Municipality and this month the island is hosting an important conference – the “Second International Conference on the Archaeology of Paros and the Cyclades” from 7-9 October at the Archilochos Hall in Paroikia.

Organized by the Paros Municipality, the Paros & Cyclades Institute of Archaeology (IAPK) and the “Archilochos” Cultural Association under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the University of the Aegean, the conference will be attended by scholars and academics from Greece and around the world.

Considered second only to Homer among the ancient poets, Archilochos lived on Paros in the 7th Century BC and the fragments of his work that have been discovered speak of the everyday life of his country, of politics, religion, war and love.

Some completely unknown fragments of Archilochos’ poetry on pieces of papyrus from Oxyrhynchus in Egypt were recently discovered and revealed through a special imaging technique used at Oxford University. These fragments will be presented for the first time at an international level at the conference by Oxford University Professor Dirk Obbink, a specialist in papyrus. As well as Professor Obbink, participating in the conference will be leading researchers in the fields of philology, archaeology and papyrology from Austria, England, America, France, Brazil, Greece, Germany and Spain.

The conference is open to the public. For further information contact the Cultural Department of the Paros Municipality (DEPAP) on 22840-22860.

Archilochos and His Age
7-9 October 2005 at the Archilochos Hall, Paroikia

Friday, 7 October
16.30 Opening Ceremony

Chair: Dr. Mariza Marthari, Prof. Diskin Clay

17.30 Gregory Nagy: Distinctions between gods and heroes in the Mnesiepes inscription of Paros
17.50 Fanis Kakridis: Archilochos’ reputation
Coffee break 20’
18.30 Don Lavigne: The persona of Archilochos and rhapsodic performance
18.50 John Kirby: Archilochos the poet/Poet as rhetor
19.10 Brian Lavelle: “The servant of Enyalios” - Archilochos, war and the warriors of Ionia
19.30 Dirk Obbink: Archilochos at Oxyrhynchus - another new papyrus of Archilochos revealed by multi-spectural imaging
Discussion 30’
21.00 Reception by the Mayor of Paros

Saturday, 8 October
Chair: Prof. David Tandy, Prof. Loukia Athanasaki

9.30 Xavier Riu: On two kinds of blame and the difference between praise and blame
9.50 Tom Hawkins: Horkos and Herkos in Archaic iambos
10.10 Jaume Portulas: Archilochean oracles
10.30 Dirk Obbink: Last tangle on Paros - Epiphany and post-colonial heroics in a new poem by Archilochos
10.50 Ioannis Petropoulos: Some new thoughts on the old ‘new Archilochos’ (Fr. 196A West)
Coffee break 20’
11.30 Ewen Bowie: Sex and politics in Archilochos’ poetry
11.50 David Tandy: Archilochos and the new political economies of the 7th century - further models
12.10 Andrea Rotstein: ‘I do not care about iamboi’ (Archilochos Fr. 215West)
12.30 Ippokratis Kantzios: The poetry of Archilochos and the context of iambic performance
12.50 Jenny Strauss-Clay: Archilochos the lover
Discussion 30’

Chair: Prof. Nikolaos Stabolidis, Prof. I Petropoulos

16.30 Diskin Clay: Cult and image: the iconography of Archilochos of Paros
16.50 Antonio Corso: Portraits of Archilochos
17.10 Elena Partida: Proposal of completion for the so-called frieze of Archilochos using elements from heroic architecture
17.30 Anton Bammer: Architecture and philosophy at Ephesus in the time of Archilochos
Coffee break 20’
18.10 Ulrike Muss: The kosmos of Ephesian Artemis at the time of Archilochos
18.30 Francine Blonde, Markus Kohl, Arthur Muller, Dominique Mulliez: Thasos a l’epoque d’Archiloque: Les donnees recentes de l’archeologie
18.50 Anne Coulie: Thasos a l’epoque d’Archiloque: l’apport de la ceramique
19.10 Astrid Moeller: Archilochos and the “Marmor Parium” - traces of an alternative tradition?
Discussion 30’
20.30 Cultural event with music
21.30 Dinner

Sunday, 9 October
Chair: Dr.Dora Katsonopoulou, Prof. Petros Themelis

9.30 Olympios Alifieris: Government in the age of Archilochos
9.50 Christos Georgousis: Archilochos, Elitis and poetry today
10.10 Jeffrey Carson: “The Cow and the Lyre” - Archilochos the poet
10.30 Alexandra Zervou: New Greek translations of Archilochos
10.50 Poetry reading
George d’Almeida: Memoirs of an Ismaric Spear
Coffee break 20’
11.10 Alan Boegehold: Ways of reading Archilochos (Fr. 2 West)
11.30 Paula Correa: Archilochos Fr. 35 West - the Muses buy a cow?
11.50 Dimitrios Skilardi: Koukounaries of Paros and the age of Archilochos
12.10 Yiannos Kouragios: Despotiko, the island of Apollo
12.30 Foteini Zafeiropoulou: Painting and poetry in the age of Archilochos
Discussion 30’
16.30 Guided tour of the Archaeological Museum and sites of Paroikia
18.30 Farewell ceremony by the Mayor of Paros
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