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Paros Arts

by Karen Barratt, September 1998
Anemomylos – Angheria, South Paros -1898-1998 Centenary

Have you seen the windmill with a gold roof in Angheria? It has been lovingly restored by its present owners Stephanos and Nadia Ragussis, making a useful contribution, not only as a picturesque landmark, but also as an art gallery/cafe, Anemomylos.

During the month of August, Anemomylos celebrated its centenary by holding an art exhibition. Contributors included Maria Vlady (who draws on clay); Paros artists Stelios Ghikas (portrait); Takis Setherikouthis; Irini Kritikou (abstract); Rita Schmiezer (still life) and Gyp Mills (sculptor). Centre stage was Gyp’s marble sculpture called ‘Diplos Sporos’ or ‘Breaking Away’. I am not any sort of art critic but in my opinion I thought that this piece was magnificent with its smooth lines feeling as good as they looked!!

Stephanos’ grandfather, George Ragussis, built the windmill in 1898 when Angheria had very few houses It was 6 metres high and made of stone with walls at the base 1.20 metres thick. Two big doors were built to the east and the west of the building which were used depending on the weather.

Stephanos remembers that his grandfather carried heavy sacks of grain up the stone steps and poured the grain into baskets in preparation, even when the weather was calm, because he knew that the wind would not be long in coming. When it did blow it blew noisily making the wood creak and the shaft turn quickly - the wheel pinions jumping about erratically. The grain would then be crammed into the hopper and would fall into the hole of the heavy mill-stones which would turn for hours slowly and constantly grinding the corn.

Nadia Ragussis is a painter in her own right and produces beautiful icons while Stephanos prefers to practice his artistry by the use of photography.

Stephanos and Nadia have renovated this old windmill to keep alive the memory of their grandfather - may it survive intact for future generations.

Extended Pirate Exhibition

The Pirate Cafe has now added the works of artists John Hoare and Linda Hickox to those of Alice Meyer-Wallace extending their current exhibition running throughout September at the end of Market Street, behind the Town Hall in Paroikia.

Viewing hours are 10.00-14.00 and 19.00-22.00. Call 23465 or 21114 for more information.
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