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What a Night!

by Karen Barratt, August 1998
Those of you who joined us at the Lefkes Village Hotel on 27th June will already know what a wonderful time was had by all at the 60s Glittering Starlight Party.

It was very generous of Georgos Pittas, owner of the hotel, to stage this event for the friends of “The Foreigner”. Not only did he provide the mezedes and sangria, he also gave us a truly Hollywood setting in which to dance the night away - on the terrace by the hotel pool under the stars. About 150 people came and the music from the 1960’s era seemed to get everyone tapping their feet and very soon demonstrating their prowess, dancing “The Twist”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “The Twitch” (all learned at their mother’s knee of course!!!) and later on when the music slowed and became more romantic, memories of smooching around the dance floor with a first love could well have been evoked.

Some of our Greek friends also joined in the dancing and it has to be said that they were much better at our dances that we appear to be when attempting theirs. In fact, during the evening I was told that perhaps we could improve our skills by joining the Greek dance classes which begin in October and are run by the Naoussa Music and Dance Group - maybe we should - it sounds fun!

Like all party nights held in the vicinity of a pool during the 1960s, it was deemed necessary for one or two revellers to end the proceedings by diving in. This occasion was no exception, so Volker Krätzig and Lynn Walters did the honours. Then, we all meandered home - tired but very happy in the knowledge that everyone appeared to have really enjoyed themselves.

Those of you who found yourselves unable to attend because of work or other commitments should watch this space - ideas for an autumn event are being forged as we speak!

Did you know...

that the Lefkes Village Hotel houses the Museum of Popular Aegean Civilisation? As it says in their leaflet “The library, photo archives and the open air amphitheatre offer a unique way to become acquainted with the beauty of the Aegean Culture.”

All this while you enjoy high standard air-conditioned accommodation set in five acres of gardens filled with fruit and cypress trees, vineyard and fragrant flowers. Telephone or Fax: 41827 or 42398 for more details.
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