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A Few Words on Global Warming

by Gyp Mills, November 1998
Thank the heavens for El Nino - it seems that we are now able to blame the current mysterious weather conditions on something other than global warming!

Fine, you may think, but the bad news (as any scientist worth his weight in black holes will tell you) is that they are one and the same thing as far as adverse effects to our little sphere of global weather is concerned. Many people have heard of the Theory of Global Warming (with its dastardly partner “Greenhouse Gases”), almost ad nauseam it would seem. However, for those of you still worried, there is even better news - the old theory is dead, long live the new Maybe Theory. It is generally accepted in the echelons of the scientific community, that the increase of carbon dioxide on our planet is the main cause of global warming. Which means, in my book anyway, that in the 25 years or so of its history as a Theory and now as a Maybe-Theory, it will soon grow up and develop into a full blown and gargantuan Maybe-Fact. A very, very hard nosed and hot Maybe-Fact that is in danger of gaining acceptance even by those scientists who hate change to the status quo and have done so ever since someone had the audacity to prove that the earth was not flat.

On the other hand, this seeming acceptance of Maybe-Fact has been received with great joy by those laymen and scientists who have been working extremely hard to prove that the world is round and enclosed in a thin dirty skin of polluted atmosphere.

Therefore, as mere spectators of the debate, perhaps we should have the good grace to admit at least that Maybe-Fact is Maybe-Fact, and that global warming is possibly the new and looming urgent Maybe-Fact of our age.

All very well, you might say, but what can I do about it? The answer is easy. Nothing, or a lot - depending on your attitude, character or caring.

I don’t intend to go into all the things that can be done to help alleviate global warming now, but it goes without saying that each and every answer takes a little effort and sacrifice from the individual.

Therefore, my advice is that first we should take only small bites at the polluted apple - great gulps will result in leading you down alleys with alternatives such as getting a donkey; building your own house from stones, earth, bamboo, lime and wood; growing your own food; making your own olives, cheese, bread and wine, and buying nothing from shops unless they are bartered for.

Does this sound familiar? It should, as we live on an island where only forty years ago the majority of souls lived in this manner - wonderful, hard-working, un-polluting people that they were.

So we can see at a glance that the great balance of pollution weighs very lightly on the shoulders of the island Greeks and rather heavier on our European backs.

Which brings me nicely to my point - how to take one little nibble at the polluted apple by using 12 volt electricity, generated by windmill and photovoltaic modules, because using less energy is the main way in which we can individually make a difference about putting less C02 into the atmosphere. However, as I have not been allotted the whole of this fine paper in which to discuss this subject, I will continue it in another month’s edition of ‘The Foreigner’.
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