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Election Results

by Beate Beyer-Arvanitidis, November 1998
During the two rounds of elections held on Sunday 11th and 18th October, the Parian people and some of the foreign EU residents (those who have lived here for at least 2 years and registered to be eligible to vote) chose the new Mayor (Dimarchos) of Paros who will govern the whole island from 1st January 1999.

Elections were also held for the Prefect (Nomarchis) of the Cyclades District (Nomarchia) and his representative (Eparchos) for the Paros Provincial District (Eparchia). Confused? Well, we’ll help unravel this mystery for you in a future article and explain something about the different areas of responsibility in this system of government.

On the first Sunday (11th), none of the three candidates for Mayor achieved the needed absolute majority of votes. Dimitris Kavallis was in the lead with 2614 votes (35.9%), followed by the present Mayor, Kostas Argouzis, with 2367 votes (32.5%) and Antonis Arkas with 2302 votes (31.6%). A second round therefore was held on the following Sunday (18th) between Mr Kavallis and Mr Argouzis. The result was that Kostas Argouzis was selected to run again as Mayor with an absolute majority of 3553 votes (52%), in contrast to Mr Kavallis’ 3283 votes (48%).

Voting for the Prefect of the Cyclades District also failed to return an absolute majority on the first Sunday. The PASOK candidate and present Prefect, Mr Rigas, obtained 48.4% of the votes, as opposed to the New Democracy candidate, Mr Manoussos with 41.4% and other candidates of several other parties with less votes. The final ballot on the 18th October resulted in a 54.4% victory for Mr Rigas (and his representative for Paros Provincial District, Nikos Arkoulis), against 45.6% for Mr Manoussos.

We wish the re-elected Major and Prefect all the very best for their next four year government period.
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