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  Nr. 11 - January 1999
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What's On in January

1st Jan - New Year’s Day (Proti Chronia), Agios Vassilis Day. Everyone visits each other and houses are blessed for the New Year. If the Vassilopita cake was not cut on New Year’s Eve then it is cut today. Shops closed.

6th Jan - Epiphany (Theofania - also known as “ta fota”). On this day the sea is blessed. After morning service the priest chants as he leads a procession to the sea where a cross is thrown in and young men dive for it. This happens in Paroikia and Naoussa and last year was revived at Piso Livadi. Of course the sea is cold at this time of year so enthusiasm amongst the young people of Paroikia can sometimes be lacking and then the priest has to retrieve the cross by attaching a string. This is never the case is Naoussa, however, as matters of the sea are far too important to fishermen.

6th Jan - Intl. Women’s Group Meeting - 3pm at Loni’s house in Naoussa. Topic: Healthcare. Call 42006 for info.

9th Jan - Women’s Club of Marpissa cutting of the pitta at the Agrotoleski Hall, Marpissa. Call Irini on 42230 for details.

10th Jan - Women’s Club of Marpissa senior citizens’ outing to Ag. Andreas, departing from Nikitas Patisserie in Marpissa at around 2pm. Bring your car if you can give a lift to someone else. Call Irini on 42230 for details.

Around the 10th - an exhibition of watercolours by Anna Verbeek’s students at the Archilochos Hall in Paroikia - full details will be announced at the Paroikia Post Office nearer the time or call Anna on 29002.

13th Jan - Intl. Women’s Group Meeting - 3pm at Ephesus Restaurant in Paroikia. Topic: Private insurance. Info: 42006.

17th Jan - Agios Antonios feast day is celebrated in the church and monastery of Agios Antonios on Kefalos hill near Marpissa. After morning Mass, people take food, coffee and sweets to share in a feast.

20th Jan - Intl. Women’s Group Meeting - 3pm at Afentakis Hotel in Marpissa. Topic: Aromatherapy. Info: 23293.

24th Jan - around 6pm. Women’s Club of Naoussa 20-year anniversary and cutting of pitta at the old school at Ag.Athanasios in Naoussa. Call Eleftheria on 51402 for info.

27th Jan - Intl. Women’s Group Meeting - 3pm at Manolis Pizza in Aliki. Topic: Reiki. Info: 22983.

31st Jan - Women’s Club of Marpissa archeological sites outing, departing with coach from Nikitas Patisserie, Marpissa. Call Irini on 42230 for details nearer the time.

Advance Warning... Easter is approaching ... in 1999 the Orthodox Easter Sunday is on April 11th, the Catholic on April 4th. And, assuming that the sun is planning to do its rising and setting thing on Paros again this year, if you want to watch it happen:

Sunrise Sunset
7th January 0733 1718
14th January 0732 1725
21st January 0730 1732
28th January 0725 1739

Christmas Wordsearch Winner

Congratulations to Keith Hawes from Aliki whose correct entry (the answer was MINCEMEAT) to the wordsearch competition was drawn from the hat. Keith wins a turkey, very kindly donated by Harry & Margarita of Anoussakis Supermarket in Drios. Enjoy!
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