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Animal Talk

by Vivienne Simitzis, February 1999
Once again it has been a very busy month for me - not only feeding the sterilised stray colonies, but also dropping off cat biscuits at various locations in and around Paroikia and to the cats waiting on rubbish bins for food. Thankfully Frith has been feeding the 15 or so sterilised and vaccinated strays in Piso Livadi.

When I have been visiting homes vaccinating pets, I have noticed that several cats had earmites or ringworm, so I thought that this article should cover these important topics. But first I would like to mention that Tassos Pet Shop has agreed to sell the large ‘easy open’ ring pull tins of dog food at 350drs which is the cheapest I know of on Paros. He has also begun to stock more medical supplies such as antibiotics and earmite drops specifically for cats and dogs, so now you can purchase correct medicines for your sick animals rather than using ‘human’ medicines as we have had to do until now.

The two antibiotics Tassos stocks are Synulox and Vetrimoxin. These are amoxycillins which you may have been given in the form of Amoxil capsules or syrups from the pharmacy and which are still effective. These two new antibiotics are a semi-synthetic penicillin, active against a wide range of gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Amoxycillin is stable in the presence of gastric acid and may be given without regard for meals.

Indications - for the treatment of infections due to susceptible organisms in dogs and cats. Synulox is particularly good for cats that have flu symptoms - running nose, eyes, bad respiratory infection. You should bear in mind, however, that you cannot use these antibiotics if your pet is allergic to penicillin!!! Dosage is as directed on the package, but our drug book notes it is good to continue treatment for 48 hours after symptoms subside.

Ringworm: Ringworm is a fungus infection on dogs/cats skin. Crusty ring-shaped bare patches occur at the ringworm site which increase in size and spread to other parts of the body. I have noticed it mainly on cats faces and ears, but you do need to look under all their hair to catch it early. If you are not sure whether your pet has ringworm call Frith (52808), Marilyn or myself and we will help with the diagnosis. Note that ringworm can spread to humans, so avoid touching affected animals as much as possible and wash your hands thoroughly after treating them.

Treatment is with Grisonova tablets or Daktarin cream purchased from the pharmacy. I prefer to use the tablets, however, if you cannot find these medicines get something which contains miconazole nitrate.

Then clip the hair from the site of the ringworm, apply a thin film of lotion using cotton wool, rubbing well into the affected area. Continue for up to two weeks after the condition is resolved. Take your pet to the vet if no improvement is noticed after two weeks.
For small animals I give one quarter of a Grisonova tablet daily for up to 4 weeks until new hair starts to grow back.

Earmites: Both cats and dogs suffer from this ear infection which is particularly rampant on Paros at present. A pet will shake its head occasionally and scratch its ears. This progresses until the pet is obviously distressed. A dog may even moan as it tries to scratch its ears or it will rub its head along the ground or walk with its head at an angle. On examination you will notice a bad smell and possibly a brown or yellow discharge possibly containing blood in the ear canal. These ‘creepy-crawlies’ move around the inside of the ear canal and cause great discomfort. The ear reacts to this infection by pumping out waxy discharge which creates the ideal conditions for further infections which worsen the problem.

To treat, obtain an ear cleaning solution containing a compound to kill the mites. Squeeze a few drops into the ear and massage behind the ear (you should hear a squishy sound as you do this). Clean only the area you can see with cotton wool moistened with the solution. Unless you know your pet has a problem, leave the ears alone! Unless the problem is advanced the cleaning solution will dissolve the wax. The cat/dog will shake its head vigorously and the discharge and the wax will come out. A bad infection (where the whole ear is blocked up with what looks like black dirt) will also require a course of antibiotics. Again, call Frith or myself if you need help with treating your pet. Be sure to complete the course of treatment as ear mites can re-occur and infections left untreated can become a very difficult problem.

If you can get someone from the UK to send you Canaural ear drops - this is the best. However, at my request, Tassos’ Pet Shop now stocks a similar product. There are four active ingredients in Canaural - two antibiotics - Diethanolamine Fusidal 5mg and Framycetin Sulphate 5mg, an anti-inflammatory Prednisolone 2.5mg and an antipruritic Nystatin which is highly active against yeast. Get a supply to keep in your pet first-aid kit.
Donations: There is now a bank account for our Welfare Society here on Paros. If you wish to make a donation the Account No. is 455/74887423 (Marilyn Metaxa) at the National Bank of Greece.

There have been NO donations this month and very few tins of food in the two boxes sited at Euromarket and Tassos Pet Shop. However, a lady called Barbara (from Butterfly Valley) rang me to book her dog for sterilisation. She mentioned that she had just finished constructing her third dog house which she donates to people who she knows have dogs but do not provide any shelter for them. It is great to know there are silent achievers out there making a better life for our dog friends - keep up the good work Barbara!!

Lastly, I would like to mention a very sad case of someone heartlessly dumping a very small hunting dog puppy near the Dennis Apartments on New Year’s Eve. Jenny rescued the puppy which was found to have parvovirus disease as well as being heavily infested with worms. As this disease causes rapid dehydration, we had to attach a saline drip to the pup and give it antibiotics. Unfortunately it died one week later but at least its last few days were inside a warm and loving home.

I mention this particularly because whoever did this must have other diseased hunter dogs on their property which are not only highly contagious to other dogs but which also must be suffering - they will probably die but if they do recover will develop a heart disease that can later result in sudden death. Once again, a simple vaccination can prevent this - protect your pets now and call us for vaccine or go to a vet and get them immunised. (A vet for dogs will be here soon!)

Bye until next month, when I’ll let you know the results of our meeting with the Mayor!

P.S. Don’t forget to hug your pet!!

Animal Welfare Contact Info

Vivienne Simitzis - Tel: 094-708458
Marilyn Metaxa - Tel: 51637

Dimitris Vasilakis - Naxos Vet
Tel: 0285-23533 (surgery), 0285-23681 (home), 094-278947 (mobile). Will perform diagnosis by phone, send medicines by next boat, payment to bank a/c. Speaks English & French.
GAWF (Head Office)
Greek Animal Welfare Fund
1-2 Castle Lane, London SW1E 6DN
Tel: +44-171-828-9736
Fax: +44-171-630-9816
email: 04715.3306@compuserve.com
Denis Ostler - Chairman
Carol McBeth - Tel: 094-240222
(GAWF vet in Athens)

Friends of the Cat
(Greek Cat Welfare Society)
15a Amassias Street,
Pangrati, 116 35 Athens
Tel: 01-7258-497
Website: catfriend.home.ml.org
Mrs Servaki-Blackstone - President
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