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Happy Birthday - to Us !!

by Karen Barratt, March 1999
Was it only March of last year that we introduced “The Foreigner” to you? It doesn’t seem possible that the newsletter has completed its first year already. It has been an incredibly busy and exciting year for the team. There has been so much to do - so many people to meet - so many telephone calls - so much administration - so many crises. It’s amazing that we have survived the ‘learning process’ at all - but we did it!

During the last year we have really appreciated all the encouragement we have received. We would especially like to thank everyone who has contributed stories, editorial, cartoons, information or even just a kind word - without you there would not be a newsletter. We should not forget our advertisers either, as up until now they have subsidised most of the production costs.

From the four pages we began with - to the twelve pages we produced in July and August - to the eight pages we have now, every edition seems to have been well received by you. We have covered topics ranging from banking and law to poetry and archaeology, but the thing we have found the hardest to do is to find accurate timetables and schedules for events that are happening during the following month - for sure! It seems that Paros is able to organise itself mostly only two weeks in advance, which makes many headaches for us in meeting our deadlines. However, many Parians now know of our existence and sometimes even tell us about things that are about to happen unasked.

Some also take the newsletter to help their children with their English lessons, which makes it very worthwhile. During the coming year we hope to be able to forge a closer relationship with the local authorities so that we might be able to voice your concerns and provide you with pertinent information about your life here on Paros.

In last month’s issue we asked if it would be acceptable to you if a small charge was made for the paper in order to ensure that our costs are fully covered. Based on your feedback, we plan to implement a cover charge of 300drs per copy after Easter. However, because we would like to encourage subscriptions, the cost of a home subscription has been reduced to 3,000drs per year. This means that it is cheaper to subscribe than to buy a copy every month, plus every issue is guaranteed to be in your postbox - postage free! Subscriptions for abroad have also been reduced to 6,000drs per year. We hope that you will approve of these changes, but if you have any further comments or suggestions in this respect please let us know. To subscribe, just write to PO Box 112, Paros 84400, including your name, postal address and telephone number and enclosing the appropriate amount.

Finally, we reported last month that Elaine and Kathy were thinking about organising a party on 21st February but, as it was Carnival weekend, many people were unavailable or ‘off island’.

So it was decided that we would wait for the better weather and hold a May Day barbecue on 1st May instead. We will give you more details next month!
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