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  Nr. 16 - June 1999
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Tarot-Astro Column

by Liz Westerhof, June 1999
Marilyn Monroe
John F. Kennedy

May 21 - Jun 20

I am back in Paros again and I feel very happy about that. I had a hectic winter in Holland with my children, grand-children and friends. I worked in the theatre, did my horoscope and tarot-consulting, started henna-tattoo parties, in short, I acted very ‘Gemini-like’ (I have Mars, Saturn and Uranus in Gemini). Gemini is a mutable air sign, which means it is primarily concerned with all forms of communication and kinds of people. They can talk and talk (but are not such good listeners) and enjoy working with their minds. They can write, watch a movie and talk at the same time without missing anything. They always want to learn new things and are interested in everything, making it difficult for them to focus on any one subject or person.

Gemini’s Myth: The most famous twins in Greek mythology are Castor and Pollux, the sons of Zeus. Their mother was Leda who was disguised as a swan. So, Gemini is half bird. Castor and Pollux had to be apart - when one of them was on Olympus with the gods the other had to stay on earth. They changed places every now and then and exchanged notes.

There is a human and a divine side of Gemini. What is hard for a Gemini is to know what he feels subjectively and to express those feelings to anyone else. When he gets around watery types like Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer, he loosens up. He is fascinated by their disinterest in rational explanations and charmed, or terrified, by their lack of embarrassment about their own emotions. He doesn’t like to dig to the bottom of any issue or be psychoanalysed - he is afraid of what he will find underneath. He likes changes in every aspect - different people, places, subjects. He has a witty, cosmopolitan charm in social situations.

You can’t tie him down, he escapes immediately. Gemini are unpredictable, changeable as quicksilver (Mercury is their planet). They love disguise and mimicry. Fascinated for a while, they become bored quickly and move on. They can be very irresponsible, act very childlike: they are the eternal butterfly.

In 3 weeks I return to Holland for the birth of my third grandchild - a Gemini! At the end of June I’ll be back for astro-tarot consulting or a henna tattoo. I wish you a good June. Tel: 53457.


Sometimes we must learn to ask for what we need.
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