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  Nr. 16 - June 1999
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Paros Arts

Art Exhibition at Naoussa
Eduard van Giel

From the 6th until the end of June the work of Belgian artist/ designer, Eduard van Giel, will be exhibited in Naoussa at the Zin-Zins Cafe Bar (tel 53355) near the Minoa Hotel. It is entitled “The Warehouse” Collection 98/99. Eduard describes his collection as fashionable, functional, funny furniture and light concepts and he is well known on the international art scene for his light and furniture sculptures of the mid-80’s to the early-90’s. He has been living since 1994 on Paros and his studio, which opened last year, can be found in the Kastro, Paroikia near to Kastro Bazaar.

One of his pieces is a limited edition light concept called ‘A Millenium Project’ which he designed for the Athens 2004 Olympics as “a functional millenium present” for companies to customise with their own logo and advertising. Described as “the perfect balance between art and design, geometry and functionality, history and future”, this is a numbered edition of 2004 pieces. It is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity by the artist, signed and complete with his fingerprint to preserve its market value. For more information telephone: 0944 708660/fax: 22463 or e-mail: warehouse @parosweb.com.

Drios Exhibition
Barbara Delange

Throughout June there will be a display of drawings and aquarelle paintings by German artist Barbara Delange at Anezina Cafe in Drios (tel 41037).

Gold and Silver Exhibition

Vangelis Skaramagkas in collaboration with the Hagener Womens Group “Arte Ficina”
by Silvia Lubitz

In my article of July last year I mentioned that an exhibition with the theme “Gold and Silver” was to take place in my home town of Hagen, Germany, when four artists would bridge the Greek and German cultures.

Well, my husband Vangelis Skaramagkas and I recently returned to Paros after the three months duration of a very successful exhibition, held at ‘Freilicht-Museum’, Mackinger Bachtal in Hagen, Westfalischer. This open air museum with ancient ‘Fachwerkhausern’ (old buildings with specific architecture for the area), is very well known for displaying the traditional ways of making handicrafts. Here Vangelis and Arte Ficina had the opportunity to arrange their own exhibition in the goldsmith’s house.

It was a very exciting opportunity for Vangelis to show more than 70 of his specially designed jewellery pieces abroad and he was also able to display the greek silver statues he created for former exhibitions with the Hagener Kunstler Gilde. His sister-in-law, Mareile Gubisch, continued her greek theme in several paintings and goldfoil works.

Altogether, the three women from Arte Ficina, Mareile Gubisch, Mechtild Richelshagen and Antje Christopeit exhibited 40 paintings with the theme of Gold and Silver, for example, “Golden Autumn Time” and “Silver Moonshine” and also gold and silver masks.

I was very pleased when the Manager of the Goldsmith’s house, Dr.Hubert Kohler very kindly gave permission for me to arrange my own display of small souvenirs from Paros and to invite the Greek people of Hagen to enjoy the exhibition and take the opportunity to exchange experiences of life in Germany and Greece. I also held an evening where slides of our beautiful island of Paros were shown in the Hagener Kunstler Gilde where Vangelis is a member.

We returned to Paros full of new experiences and with luggage full of articles from Hagen newspapers praising the new friendships that had been built up between the cultures. However, for Vangelis and Arte Ficina it does not end here - already another exhibition is looming in October when Mareile and Vangelis collaborate on a project with the theme “People at Work”.
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