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  Nr. 17 - July 1999
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Tarot-Astro Column

by Liz Westerhof, July 1999
Princess Diana
Donald Sutherland

June 21-July 22

Early spring, the sun was shining and I was sitting with my little Cancer grandson. As usual he sat very close to me, hugging, kissing, as I read him fairy-tales. I looked outside and pointed at a big bird’s nest. Mother bird was busy preparing her nest.“What is she doing?” Sander asked. “She is making her nest nice and cosy”. “Oh!” he said, “the baby birds will love that and then they won’t be ill very often”. He is only 3 years old!

When talking about Cancer’s myth I use only one word - Mother - which can mean a lot of different things - the safety, pleasure and warmth of a secure childhood, or a possessing emotion which threatens to suffocate. It can be strong, destructive and dark. For Cancer the experience of Mother in all its forms is rooted in his inner life. He never wholly escapes Mother, and must learn to become Mother, if not literally. The most ancient religions begin with the worship of the Mother - Mother Earth in fact, who could give and withhold life.

People prayed for rich crops and a good harvest. Cancer is symbolised by the crab, which develops in a cyclical way. When he outgrows his shell he is completely vulnerable and has to hide in the sand while the new shell grows hard. Cancerians have cycles when they must withdraw after a change and a period of new growth. Many are highly imaginative creative people - as are all the water signs. Van Gogh has cancer rising (= ascendant). Cancer is a sign of great complexity and depth. On the surface he can play any role - he’s a born actor.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, and by emotions. He can be moody, whining, passionate, withdrawn, ecstatic. He’s inconsistent and can’t explain his feelings. Most important are his relationships with others. He can’t bear isolation or rejection. He can manipulate, be resentful and very critical. It’s very important that they don’t deny their feelings as most of the karmic lessons come to cancer through their emotional patterns, more than the actual people connected with them. The emotional confusion they sometimes feel is an indication that they are protecting themselves from a painful realisation.

I spoke about the creativity of cancer. Cancer women must create - not only through the bearing of children. At midlife, when the children grow away, many women suffer a crisis of identity. The first part of life was bound to home and family. Now the world and family must become larger. Cancer women are excellent painters, novelists and actresses, with depth and subtlety in midlife. They are loved for their love for people and life. Their wisdom comes from the heart.

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Giving others more space leaves oneself freer to breathe.
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