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  Nr. 17 - July 1999
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What's On in July

1st July Aghioi Anarghyroi (the Penniless Saints, Cosmas and Damian) Festival at the monastery above Paroikia.

3rd July - Opening Night for Jacques Fleureaux Art Exhibition at Zin-Zins Cafe Bar in Naoussa. See opposite page.

4th July - Naoussa Feast of Wine and Fish. Held in the evening at the limani (port). Food and wine generously donated by the citizens of Naoussa. A display of traditional dancing will be followed by your chance to join in!

5th July - 9.00p.m. award ceremony for the first leg (91 nautical miles from Vouliagmeni to Paros) of the “Cyclades 99” N.O.T.K. Sailing Competition at the square outside the church at Aghia Anna, Paroikia (tel 23625).

6th July - 10.00a.m. start of the second leg to Amorgos of “Cyclades 99” from Aghios Fokas. (tel 23625).

11th July - 8.00pm in the courtyard of the Panaghia Church. Traditional music and dancing from different regions of Greece by the Music Dance Group of Naoussa.

12th July-12 Sept - Nikos Sinodis exhibition in Naoussa. See opposite page.

13th-16th July - "Energy of Body and Mind" - a course about energetic therapies will take place at the 'Retreat and Healing Center' of Paros, led by Lama T. Shenphen, Buddhist monk and healer (http://users.otenet.gr/~dzl or tel 92043).

24th-25th July - 2pm at Punda Beach - Apurimac - live music “Havana style” (tel 41717 or www.pundabeach.gr).

27th July - Festival in Kostos - Panteleimon (Most Merciful).

30th July-8th Aug - Art Exhibition at Portoparos Hotel. See opposite page.

31st July - evening at Punda Beach - concert with the participation of 6-8 different groups, ROCK FM and the magazine MOTO (tel 41717 or www.pundabeach.gr).

Around the 31st July (the date has still to be confirmed), it is planned for there to be an “electronic artists group” exhibition/performance at the Ekatontapiliani. Check at the Town Hall for up-to-date info nearer the time.

Every Sunday between 4.30-7.30pm there is live music at Magaya Beach Taverna and Music Bar on Delfini Beach (tel 23791).

Weekends and nightly in high season - live Greek Music at Portes Club Restaurant (tel 53056).

Every Thursday - 10.10am - Greek lessons at Kastro Bazaar, Paroikia – 1 1/2 hours - 2,000drs.

**Preview** Look out for our August edition when Judy Gregory is writing to tell us what to expect on Wednesday 11th August when there will be a total eclipse of the sun (of which Paros will see 75%!).

Sunrise Sunset
8th July 0607 2042
15th July 0611 2039
22nd July 0616 2035
29th July 0622 2030
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