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Legacy of Logaras

by Christina Högland, July 1999
Christina Högland is an annual visitor from Sweden.

You never truly understand how much a building means to you until it's been taken down. It's not an existing proverb, but for many people this knowledge has grown deeper recently - sprung from the fact that the Fisilani Restaurant in Logaras just was not there this spring. Of course we all knew that it would happen; we heard about the plans several years ago - but we all hoped that they would never come true. Finally they did, and for that reason lots of people wandered about Logaras Beach with some kind of a deep loss in their eyes this spring. This year some things felt a little soulless. Speaking about it we all agreed on the fact that this particular house really had something special in its walls.

Just as the warm winds streamed in through the big windows - in the same way an air of great joy filled the house. There was an extraordinary feeling of harmony, of balance, of peace. Is it the sea combined with the hills of Naxos, that makes this spot so restful? We have seen many places in the archipelago, but we always want to come back here. Several of my friends have regained their passion for life in this house- it sounds over the top, but it's true. A man that hadn't painted for many years started again just on the Fisilani veranda. Yet another one began to write. It may sound like a commercial message, but here you feel unique peace at the same time as your creative veins start pulsing. Projects that feel like a bad idea at home, seem perfectly possible and worthwhile here.

Yes, there was something special about this house, and we are many that sense a real sorrow in our hearts these days now we can't see the old walls any more. But a building is above all a representation, a reflection of the family that owns and runs it, and in this case we have nothing to fear. The atmosphere, the sense of freedom and joy in the beloved old building will, hopefully, reincarnate into this new one. And in that we trust. Of course everything will be alright; how could it not be?

From Inside These Walls
by Nehama Weininger

The Fisilani Brothers Restaurant at Logaras Beach has become an institution in its own right. Built in 1964 by the adventurous and business-minded patriarch of the Fisilanis family, Vangeli -- who ran it together with his wife Mina and the rest of the family - the restaurant has thrived for over three decades. Wholesome and delicious home-style Greek food prepared with local meats and other local produce, efficient and friendly service, and a warm family atmosphere all contribute to the great success and longevity of the restaurant. Over the years, the restaurant and the rooms above it have garnered a very loyal worldwide clientele, many of whom return year after year.
Vangeli and Mina's children and grandchildren have literally grown up at the restaurant - as Flora Fisilani says "When I remember my self, I remember the restaurant."

In October of 1998 the restaurant was razed in order to modernize. The demolition of the old restaurant was a sentimental move for the entire family -family members spanning three generations expressed a deep sense of sadness and loss.

While there has been speculation on what effect the changes may have on the character of the place, current manager Stefano Fisilanis stresses that nothing is different, just the building has changed, otherwise "it's the same place; same feeling, same friends, same family."

The Fisilani Brothers Restaurant will reopen the first week of July.
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