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Reiki - Healing & Harmony through the Hands

by Elaine Spanou , September 1999
Elaine Spanou has a 2nd Degree Diploma in Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘universal life energy; the divine life-giving force’. The system was named by Japanese theologist, Mr. Mikao Usui, who, after many years research into the writings of the disciples of Gautama Buddha, discovered the long forgotten art of healing by transferring universal life energy. The Reiki energy flows through the hands from the healer as a channel to the receiver.

This ancient healing method is once again becoming popular in our modern age as people search for inner harmony. When we are healthy, we feel strong, full of energy and the joy of life. We are balanced, contented and in harmony with ourselves. If we fall ‘out of harmony’, our body creates an illness or an imbalance. This kind of disturbance first takes place in the mind and is later mirrored as a physical symptom. The body is not sick, only the whole person can be sick, but this illness manifests itself as a bodily symptom when the body reflects our mental state.
Reiki not only promotes physical well-being, replenishing the vital energy to strengthen the immune system and ward off disease, but also has a positive effect on emotional and spiritual equilibrium - helping restore harmony to the body. This is why many people feel refreshed, relaxed, clearer and contented after a Reiki treatment.
A session usually takes about one hour. For more details call 22102 or 0945 278100.

Creative Body Energy Work
German artist Gesine Erler works with a system of healing called “Körperenergie-arbeit - kreative Lebens-begleitung”, using various forms of creativity to promote well-being for both children and adults, as well as kinesiologie allergy testing and teaching yoga. Gesine is now back on Antiparos and you can contact her on 61143.
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