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Attention Chess Players!

by Jean Lane-Polyzoides , September 1999
On the weekend of 18/19th September, at the home of Jean and John Polyzoides in Krios (“The Doctor’s House”), there will be a very special event to launch the Association of the Friends of the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Sculptures. This Association has been started to help with fund-raising and to keep alive the interest in the British Committee and also the Melina Mercouri Foundation to eventually build the new Acropolis Museum to house these sculptures when they are one day returned to this country (considered by Greece as their rightful home) by the British Museum. It had been hoped to launch the Association with a marathon swim from Delos to Paros by English doctor Christopher Stockdale, which had been estimated to raise 30million drachmas, but because of the hostilities in Kosovo it had to be postponed until next June. So the Chess Tournament, hosted by the President of the Association, will be the first event and will centre around a giant chess set which has been made from marble from Naxos for the white pieces, and for the black from Macedonian marble.

The chess pieces will be 60cms high and the idea will be to have teams of players who pay a donation to make a move. On the evening of the 18th, there will be food, wine, a special presentation of Byzantine music and a Greek band, and the event, hosted by John Polyzoides, will be attended by members of the Melina Mercouri Foundation from Athens as well as shipowners and businessmen who support the cause and several eminent personalities from England including British Members of Parliament who are involved politically to put pressure on the government, personalities from the world of film-making and the media and from the British House of Lords. On the 19th, the Mayor of Paros is organising some activities for the visitors and a reception afterwards at the Pandrossos Hotel.

We promise everyone a game of chess they will always remember, so see the invitation on page four and please contact us on 0284-23809 if you would like to attend so we can give you further details.

Dr. and Mrs. Polyzoides
invite you to join them for the
Launching of the Friends
of the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles
The weekend of 18-19th September
From 12noon until 12midnight at their home in Krios, Island of Paros.

There will be several eminent British supporters, Members of Parliament and celebrities from academia and the media.
Greece will be represented by politicians, personalities from the world of commerce and the Melina Mercouri Foundation.

There will be a number of attractive events
and a Fund-raising Giant Marble Chess Game.

More information from
0284 23809, ansaphone and fax.

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