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  Nr. 78 - February 2005
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Become a "Friend of Paros"

by Vlassios Sfyroeras, February 2005
The non-profit association "Friends of Paros" was founded on the initiative of Parians and others with a profound connection to the island who aim to address Paros's specific issues of local growth and the local community. They had a common concern: the creation and structure of contemporary solutions to these problems by respecting Paros's Cycladic character, consisting on the one hand of a priceless natural wealth for everyone who lives and works on the island and, on the other hand, of a universal cultural heritage. The purpose of the association is, therefore, to contribute to the preservation of the island's character and to its balanced and consistent growth.

The primary goals of the Association are:

1. The preservation, protection and/or re-establishment of the environmental particularity of the island, with emphasis on the aesthetic environment.

2. The protection of the cultural heritage of the island and the evolution of cultural actions.

3. The acknowledgement of environmental and cultural problems, research into and promotion of contemporary solutions adapted to the local situation.

4. Keeping Parians and friends of Paros everywhere informed and briefed on the public sphere, on cultural, social, economic, environ-mental, technological and European issues.

In order to work towards the implementation of this goal, the Association plans to disseminate information, mainly through the organisation of informative seminars and other communicative actions and publications, the development of relations between local, peripheral and national authorities and with institutional organs of the European Union and other international organisations (UNESCO etc).

One special ambition of the Association's members is to promote dialogue and ideas, especially with the Municipal Council of Paros and other local, prefectorial and peripheral authorities, cooperation with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), other official bodies and citizens' organisations and, finally, the promotion of European ideals, policies and best practices.

The Association has its chair on Paros and runs a sub-unit in Brussels. It is administered by an eleven member Committee which is elected every two years through the General Assembly of its members.

If you would like to be involved in the development of a better future for Paros, please contact us: "Friends of Paros", Paroikia, PO Box 9, 84400 Paros, tel: 22840-29007.
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