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  Nr. 21 - November 1999
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End of Season & Farewell Party!!!

Now the season has finally ended, there are some of our community who are preparing to return to their homeland - either for the Millennium or maybe longer. Sounds like a perfect excuse to PARTY!!!
Two who will be leaving for Australia are Vivienne Simitzis (Animal Talk columnist) and Frith Wrench (PAWS volunteer).

On behalf of our readers, not to mention all of our four-legged (and the occasional three-legged) friends, we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for Vivienne’s and Frith’s tireless efforts.

Despite the many difficulties they have encountered, they have persevered with an often daunting and thankless task and have made an incalculable contribution to changing the situation with regard to animal welfare on this island. We will surely miss them, and wish them good luck and our warmest wishes for their stay ‘down-under’).

So, please join us to give them a send-off to remember on Thursday, 11th November at Krikeli Taverna, situated behind the banks near the Ekatontapiliani (see advert below). They have offered to play host, and for an inclusive price of 3,000drs per person you can enjoy mezedes, chicken and house wine. Bring your own taste in music in the form of tapes, CDs or even musical instruments if you like. For more details or to reserve tickets contact: Nick at Polos Tours (22092/3) Vicki and Karen on 42092 or Krikeli (24510).

Thank you and a Sad Goodbye! (letter from Silvia Lubitz)

I would like to say a personal goodbye and good luck to Vivienne Simitzis and Frith Wrench. It has been with great pleasure and serious interest that I have read your ‘Animal Talk’ column. It has helped me learn how to keep my own house cat ‘Sandy’ in good health. I will miss your articles very much.

Last month, some visiting German friends asked me what Paros was doing for the stray cats. I gave them ‘The Foreigner’ so that they could read about your efforts to help these animals and, because we all share a love for cats or dogs, I am happy to say that my friends, Christine Goabel, Bettina Templin, Anja Gorden, Susi Maiwald and my mother Rosi, want to make a donation of 15,000drs to help Bruce (the three-legged-cat).
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