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Paros Life Nr. 152 - Summer 2013   
Come Fly with Me!
Paros is getting a new airport – a project that many on this island have worked hard to realize over the course of many years.
Paros Life Nr. 151 - Autumn (October/November/December) 2012   
Love for the Land: Young Farmers Lead the Way
On 27 October 2012, the Paros Rotary Club invited local farmer Arsenis Loukis to speak about his work at their annual event to honour a citizen on the island for his or her contribution to the community. Loukis’ work has received a lot of attention over recent months; he has built up a sizeable organic farming business in just a few short years and was the first farmer on Paros to receive DIO (Inspection & Certification of Organic Products Agency)  certification, for his organic extra virgin olive oil in 2011.
Paros Life Nr. 150 - Summer (July/August/September) 2012   
Ancient Paros: a great artistic and cultural centre of the Aegean world
Paros occupies a central position in the Cyclades, the cluster of the Aegean islands that has played a significant commercial and maritime role since early times.
Paros Life Nr. 149 - Spring (April/May/June) 2012   
The Miraculous Melissa
“A drop of honey is a collection from the souls of flowers. It is a complex photographic impression translated into taste of a specific moment in time and place, each element of the equation bearing consequence upon the other.”
Buel Almquist-Lee (Callipygia) @

Paros Life Nr. 148 - Winter (February/March) 2012   
Filotimo, Filoxenia and the Power of Community
Taking steps to promote social justice and eradicate hunger, starting in our own neighbourhood.
Paros Life Nr. 147 - Autumn (October/November/December) 2011   
Friends of Paros Annual Event and Awards
This year's FoP annual event and fund-raising dinner took place on 11 August at the Swiss Home Hotel near Naoussa. Distinctions were awarded to the publications Paros Life and Ta Pariana for their contributions to the cultural life of the island.
Paros Life Nr. 146 - Summer (July/August/September) 2011   
Agriculture at a Crossroads
As the fortunes of the tourism industry waxed, so those of the agricultural sector waned. Aesop’s fable of the goose that laid the golden eggs in a modern context.
Paros Life Nr. 145 - Spring (Apr/May/June) 2011    
Easter in Marpissa
Each year on Good Friday in the village of Marpissa, a spectacular event takes place, celebrating Easter with the ‘Parastaseis’, a series of dramatic tableaux portraying scenes from the Passion of the Christ and involving around 200 villagers in the production.
Paros Life Nr. 144 - Winter (February/March) 2011   
Carnival is here!
One might be tempted to think that it’s all doom and gloom in Greece these days, but you don’t know much about this country if you’ve never experienced Greek carnival. And for a group of people who really know how to party, you need look no further than Naxos...
Paros Life Nr. 143 - December 2010/January 2011   
The Snake and the Mountain
How wonderful it was to have left the ‘Old Smoke’ (London Town) for a while and to be sitting once again on the terrace of my father’s house in Krios, Paros.
Paros Life Nr. 142 - November 2010   
Who will we pick?
Municipal (dimotikes) and regional (periphereiakes) elections (ekloges) are taking place on Sunday, 7 November from 7am to 7pm (with a second round on Sunday, 14 November, if the winning party does not secure more than 50% of the vote).
Paros Life Nr. 141 - October 2010   
Election Fever!
Local elections will be held throughout Greece on Sunday, 7 November (with a second round on Sunday, 14 November, if the winning party does not get more than 50% of the vote).
Paros Life Nr. 140 - September 2010   
Last call for the fish
Over a century ago, biologist T. H. Huxley, famously known as “Darwin’s bulldog”, stated that the oceans “were an inexhaustible source of food and industrial products for humans to use with confidence.”
Paros Life Nr. 139 - August 2010   
On the Trash Trail
Spending one month in the sun on a Greek island and earning college credit at the same time... could a summer get any better?
Paros Life Nr. 138 - JULY 2010   
Like a Virgin - Chatting with Icon Painter Paraskevi Taloglou
One morning in May, Paraskevi Taloglou sat inside her studio in Paroikia, simultaneously painting on a slate stone and chatting up visitors from Paros Life.
Paros Life Nr. 137 - June 2010   
Summer Solstice Festival at the Park!
Summer is here! Days are gradually getting longer, the sun dominates the days, the holiday season is getting into full swing, there is celebration in the air and it’s impossible to resist the exciting anticipation of all that is to come.
Paros Life Nr. 136 - May 2010   
The Remarkably Pure Essence of Amorgos
In April, as I was hiking the lush mountain paths of Amorgos, I found myself wondering, “Is it possible to O.D. on Cycladicism?”
Paros Life Nr. 135 - April 2010   
The Swirling Kiss of Spring
Spring, emerging from the sea, trumpets her arrival with sirens, and the desert dust that the Sirocco brought is blown far away by the sea-borne winds. Sikinos, Serifos, Naxos anchored next to us.
Paros Life Nr. 134 - March 2010   
Papa Spyros’ Plan to Save the Kastro
Father Spyridon Fokianos has a dream — to restore the church of Aghios Constantinos, which occupies the site of the former Venetian kastro overlooking the harbour of Paroikia.
Paros Life Nr. 133 - February 2010   
Trekking to Aghios Antonios
Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison. The cantors repeated the seven-syllable phrase endlessly to a medieval tune, while the priests chanted prayers and swung a chalice of incense in our direction.
Paros Life Nr. 132 - December 2009 - January 2010   
Christmas in the Peloponnese
Long before our “Greek Life”, since our sons were teenagers and opted to go skiing on their own, we used to take off and visit a couple of European cities over the Christmas holidays. 
Paros Life Nr. 131 - November 2009   
Take a Walk on the Wild Side
With the fierce heat and high winds of the summer behind us, organized walks are now starting up again through some of the most beautiful scenic routes in our islands.
Paros Life Nr. 130 - October 2009   
Prince of the Wind: Final of the European Freestyle Windsurfing ProtTour
The finals of the European Freestyle Windsurfing ProTour (EFPT) will take place at Aghios Georgios Beach in Naxos from 8-11 October when 30 of the world’s best freestyle wind-surfers will be there to present an amazing show in the final countdown.
Paros Life Nr. 129 - September 2009   
An Inspired Partnership
Indiana University and DIKEMES (the International Center for Hellenic & Mediterranean Studies) sponsor a credit-bearing, three-and-a-half week service learning programme on Paros every summer.
Paros Life Nr. 128 - August 2009   
Amazing Place
Through many dangers, toils and snares we have already come... An Interview with Elizavet Papazoi
Paros Life Nr. 127 - July 2009   
Taking Back the Peninsula
Greeks have a tendency to go with the flow, avoiding any action that requires confrontation and a change of acquired habits. But drastic times calls for drastic measures.
Paros Life Nr. 126 - June 2009   
For a flamingo... Paros is Paradise
Paros wouldn’t be Greek if the air wasn’t always filled with paramythia (tales).
Paros Life Nr. 125 - May 2009   
Women in the Greek Islands
The common ground and history connecting women living in the islands of Greece was high-lighted at the conference organized by the Women’s Association of Naoussa: “Women in the Greek Islands (part II)”
Paros Life Nr. 124 - April 2009   
A Parian Pascha
For over fifty years the village of Prodromos has celebrated Easter in a very special way with the children of the village participating in the Holy Friday "Parastaseis", a series of tableaux portray-ing scenes from the Passion - the story of the last days and events in the life of Christ.
Paros Life Nr. 123 - March 2009   
LAMBADIFORIES: The torchlit procession in Naxos Town
Every year from the beginning of Triodio – the three-week period preceding the first Sunday in Lent until Clean Monday – (Kathara Deftera) Naxos renews its association with Dionysos, the ancient deity of merrymaking.
Paros Life Nr. 122 - February 2009   
Naxos General Hospital: THE GOOD NEWS AND THE BAD
If you heard a helicopter on Friday 9 January 2009, don't worry, it wasn't an accident or emergency being whisked off to Athens, it was the Greek National Minister for Health, Dimitris Avramopoulos arriving to present the people of Naxos with their new hospital.
Paros Life Nr. 121 - December '08 / January '09   
Some Thoughts on a Greek Christmas
You often hear people say, “I want a traditional Christmas”. Does the word “traditional” mean anything more than the Christmas you remember from your childhood? This summer, a Greek-American friend told me he hoped to come to Greece for a “Greek Christmas”. But is there a traditional Greek Christmas that he can remember? Has there ever been a “Greek Christmas” at all?
Paros Life Nr. 120 - November 2008   
A Bridge of Support
It is hard for anyone who has visited the paradise of the Cycladic Islands during the summer season, when everything works 24 hours around the clock, to imagine the isolation of these islands during the winter months and what it means to be cut off from the mainland and all the choices one has there if in need. Until 2003, someone in need of psychological assistance, for example, was unlikely to easily find support available locally.
Paros Life Nr. 119 - October 2008   
Are You Aware?
October is “Breast Cancer Awareness” month, during which an international health campaign takes place annually to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention and cure.
Paros Life Nr. 118 - September 2008   
Local Heroes of the Spartathlon
The supermarathon Athens – Sparta, 246 kms long, has been held every September since 1983. The runners do not stop to rest. The whole world participates, but there was only one Greek woman who ran: Niki Chasapi - A Parianí.
Paros Life Nr. 117 - August 2008   
Passing the Flame
Four years have passed already since the unforgettable “homecoming” of the Olympic Games to Athens in 2004. This month, China is hosting the Games of the XXIX Olympiad from August 8 to August 24 and earlier this year 32 members of the Music Dance Group of Paros travelled to China to participate in the pre-Olympic events.
Paros Life Nr. 116 - July 2008   
As the Ancient Greeks Must Have Seen it: Go Sailing!
It is still early morning and the meltemi is already blowing quite strongly. Sails still tied down, TO KYMA – our dapper little 19-ft sailing boat – is pushed into the wind and the steep short seas off the southwest coast of Naxos into the bay of Agiasos by the little diesel engine that purrs away down below.
Paros Life Nr. 115 - June 2008   
A Rescue Team You Can Rely On
Since 2003, there has existed on Paros a small but efficient Rescue Team consisting of volunteers prepared to face almost any emergency situation on the island and in the wider area of the West Cyclades.
Paros Life Nr. 114 - May 2008   
Twenty Years of Tradition
During 2008, the Folkdance Group of Naoussa, (XON), is celebrating its 20th year of success in performing the traditional dances of the Aegean, and those of Paros in particular.
Paros Life Nr. 113 - April 2008   
Frangiskos Velentzas - Benefactor of Paros
The existence of the Velentzeio Foundation recently became widely known as a result of the air ambulance project, but the foundation has actually been active for almost half a century, supporting the health services and several other socially beneficial projects for the people of Paros.
Paros Life Nr. 112 - March 2008   
The Roots of Carnival
It is well known that the Christian religion ‘borrowed’ some of its symbolism and ceremony from Pagan beliefs and this is the case with the tradition that we all know today as Carnival or ‘Apokries’, as we say in Greece.
Paros Life Nr. 111 - February 2008   
Christmas on Paros
Christmas is a time for families. Many members of the Parian international community left the island to spend the holidays with their loved ones; others brought their families here! And there were plenty of events on the holiday calendar to enjoy.
Paros Life Nr. 110 - Dec.'07-Jan.2008   
Wines of Paros
Students on last year's EU-funded Parian products seminar learned about wine cultivation and the production methods used at the Agricultural Union (the "Enosi") of Paros. And with Christmas celebrations just around the corner, a brief guide to choosing the best wines from the Enosi to complement your dinner parties over the festive season is included.
Paros Life Nr. 109 - November 2007   
Solar Energy: No Bill From the Sun
Times are changing. Renewable power has become a reality all over the world, and especially in Greece, since the pioneering law 3468/2006 which provides subsidies to renewable energy producers, mainly from photovoltaic and wind sources.
Paros Life Nr. 108 - October 2007   
Introducing Christos Vlachogiannis
Following the resignation of Mayor Yiannis Rangoussis in August, the Town Council voted to elect the new Mayor of Paros from the two councillors, teacher Christos Vlachoyannis and dentist Stratis Pavlakis, who put their names forward as candidates. Mr Pavlakis received 6 and Mr Vlachoyannis 8 votes out of the 14 cast.
Paros Life Nr. 107 - September 2007   
Le Roi est Mort; Vive le Roi!
The recent resignation of Mayor Yiannis Rangoussis to take up a new position in PASOK has been swiftly followed by the appointment of the new Mayor - Christos Vlachogiannis, former President of the Municipal Council.
Paros Life Nr. 106 - August 2007   
Live the Future in the Present... on Paros
Beate Beyer test drives the REVA Phaedra electric car around Paros and declares it a big success!
Paros Life Nr. 105 - July 2007   
The Future Face of Paros
On the 16th June, the Municipality of Paros and the Federation of Parian Societies co-organised a presentation with the general theme of “Residential development and the protection of the environment and appearance of Paros” at the Nireas Cultural Centre in Naoussa.
Paros Life Nr. 104 - June 2007   
The Eco House
A remarkable building project is under way in Isterni where Athenian publisher (of the Kedros publishing house), Vangelis Papathanasopoulos, is using the very latest in eco-technology to build his home on the island.
Paros Life Nr. 103 - May 2007   
Art in the Age of Ecology: part 1
Peter Abbs, Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Sussex, England, was a guest at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in late March when he gave a lecture on the subject of “eco-poetics”.
Paros Life Nr. 102 - April 2007   
ITB Berlin
The Municipality of Paros was represented at the exhibition area of the Cyclades Islands at the ITB Tourism Exhibition in Berlin from 7-11th March 2007 with the slogan “Greece – explore your senses”.
Paros Life Nr. 101 - March 2007   
Art Appreciation
IPAC – the International Paros Art Circle – held a series of round table discussions at the Apothiki Gallery last spring on the theme of “Art Appreciation”. The talks were a great success and, as a result, a second series is planned for 2007.
Paros Life Nr. 100 - February 2007   
Paros Unplugged!
With the support of the EU Programme ISTOS, the Municipality of Paros has developed a wireless communications system that, as a first step, will serve the areas of Paroikia and Naoussa.
Paros Life Nr. 99 - Dec.'06-Jan.2007   
Paros Traffic & Our “Chief”
In the meetings that foreign residents of the island had earlier this year with Mayor Yiannis Rangoussis, one of the major areas of concern expressed by participants was the subject of driving and traffic safety on Paros. In addition to answering some of the specific points raised, the Mayor suggested that we talk to Michail Bozikis, Paros’s Chief of Police .
Paros Life Nr. 98 - November 2006   
Election Results
In the local elections held on October 15th, Mayor Yiannis Rangoussis and his party “Enotita gia to Mellon” (Unity for the Future) achieved a clear victory with 67.66% of the vote for Paros, while Iannis Levendakis was elected as President of the Antiparos Community with 50.06% of the vote. Dimitris Bailos was re-elected Prefect of the Cyclades and Grigoria Protolati was again appointed Eparchos.
Paros Life Nr. 97 - October 2006   
The Elections
Beate Beyer explains the voting process for local elections to be held on the 15th. The two candidates for Mayor, Yiannis Rangoussis and Louis Kondos, present their candidate lists for the municipal and local village councils.
Paros Life Nr. 96 - September 2006   
October Elections
Local elections on Sunday, 15th October 2006 will be held to elect the new Mayor and Council for the next 4-year period (2007-2010) for the Municipality of Paros and the Community of Antiparos. Candidates for Paros are Yiannis Rangoussis and Louis Kondos, and for Antiparos, Barbara Maneta and Iannis Levendakis.
Paros Life Nr. 95 - August 2006   
Beloved Son of Paros
Our great Greek singer from Paros, Yannis Parios, will, for the first time on his native island, be giving two concerts entitled “All Blue” at 9pm on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th August at the Municipal Athletic Ground, Paroikia.
Paros Life Nr. 94 - July 2006   
Tour of Paros
On July 1st Len Rooks will start three weeks of riding 175 km a day on his bike, making 3,639 km total, the same distance as the “Tour de France”
Paros Life Nr. 93 - June 2006   
“The New Symposium”
After an inspiring week full of intense discussions and sharing of ideas on the theme “The Commons” (what we hold in common) for the participants, the Symposium came to an end with an evening performance on a warm and pleasant early summer’s night at the Paros Municipal Library on Monday, 22nd May.
Paros Life Nr. 92 - May 2006   
The Mayor’s Report
Over 1,000 citizens were present at the conference hall of the Pandrossos Hotel on March 26th to hear the Mayor’s “logodosia”, that is his assessment of the development plans and projects accomplished by the municipal authority during their three-and-a-quarter years in office.
Paros Life Nr. 91 - April 2006   
Carnival "Kefi"
The traditional annual carnival (Apokries) was celebrated all over the island during the period leading up to the start of Lent on Clean Monday, March 6th.
Paros Life Nr. 90 - March 2006   
Municipal News
Press releases last month include news about a programme for the unemployed on the island, Paros’s participation in the Gourmet Media World Festival and the move of municipal services KEP and DEYAP to a more convenient location.
Paros Life Nr. 89 - February 2006   
Good News from the Health Centre
Dr Polyzoides, President of the Health Centre, announces a generous donation by the Municipality for the purchase of a cardiac ultrasound and a mammography machine for the Paros Health Centre.
Paros Life Nr. 88 - December 2005   
Municipal Works in Progress
Some significant projects are currently underway to improve and upgrade facilities and infrastructure in the islands.
Paros Life Nr. 87 - November 2005   
The Archilochos Conference
After much and careful preparation, the International Conference on Archilochos, “Archilochos and His Age”, which took place on Paros 7-9 October, was a big and enduring success.
Paros Life Nr. 86 - October 2005   
Archilochos and His Age
As most readers already know, 2005 was designated the “Year of Archilochos” by the Paros Municipality and this month the island is hosting an important conference – the “Second International Conference on the Archaeology of Paros and the Cyclades” from 7-9 October at the Archilochos Hall in Paroikia.
Paros Life Nr. 85 - September 2005   
Five Years On…
Five years have passed already since the tragic sinking of the Express Samina in Paroikia Harbour on the night of 26th September 2000.
Paros Life Nr. 84 - August 2005   
The Great Festival of the Virgin Mary
On Monday, 15th August, Paros celebrates the great festival of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary ("Koimoisis tis Theotokou" or "falling asleep of the Virgin Mary") at the Church of the Ekatontapyliani in Paroikia.
Paros Life Nr. 83 - July 2005   
Who is the Eparchos?
Grigoria Protolati is completing her third year as Eparchos of Paros and Antiparos. She is head of the Eparcheio, the local authority elected by the people to represent the subprefecture of Paros and Antiparos at the district council of the Nomarchy (Prefecture) of the Cyclades.
Paros Life Nr. 82 - June 2005   
Blood - The Gift of Life
Angelica Eder interviews Maria Nafpliotou about the history of blood donation on Paros. This month blood donation will take place between the 3rd and 5th of June in Paroikia, Marpissa and Antiparos.
Paros Life Nr. 81 - May 2005   
Recycling on Paros
A recycling project in all Paros schools was launched on 28th February of this year, organized and funded by the Municipality of Paros.
Paros Life Nr. 80 - April 2005   
Air-Ambulance Update
Mayor Yiannis Rangoussis held a press conference at the Town Hall on March 15th in order to inform local journalists about current actions regarding the air-ambulance.
Paros Life Nr. 79 - March 2005   
Alkyoni - The Aegean Wildlife Hospital
In June 2000 the Alkyoni, the first Wildlife Hospital in Greece that was specially designed and constructed for this purpose, opened its gates. For director Mario Fournaris, who had been running the operation in his own house and back yard since 1995, a vision had come true.
Paros Life Nr. 78 - February 2005   
Life Management - The Tao's Way
In a beautiful setting between Ambelas and Santa Maria with a stunning view across the channel to Naxos, the Tao's Centre opened its doors to the public last December. Offering a range of activities designed to reduce stress and give participants the chance to unwind and relax, Tao's calls itself a "life management centre" - a place where one can learn to balance one's physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs to create harmony and serenity in daily life.
Paros Life Nr. 77 - Dec.' 04-Jan. '05   
A New Era in Healthcare
Many changes are under way at our local Health Centre (Kentro Ygeias) in Paroikia since John (Apostolos) Polyzoides was appointed the new Chief Executive of Medical Services for Paros and Antiparos.
Paros Life Nr. 76 - November 2004   
Paros - Pistoia
An historic meeting took place between the Mayor of Paros and the Mayor (Sindaco) of Pistoia, in Tuscany, Italy on October 7th. Accompanied by John Pack of the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts and local architect Petros Metaxas, Mayor Yiannis Rangoussis travelled to Pistoia to meet with Mayor Renzo Berti to exchange and explore ideas for cultural tourism.
Paros Life Nr. 75 - October 2004   
Archilochos, Our Great Poet
A brief introduction to Archilochos by Jeffrey Carson on the occasion of the preliminary symposium to prepare for 2005 - the "Year of Archilochos" and a conference on this subject next autumn.
Paros Life Nr. 74 - September 2004   
Olympic Games, Welcome Home!
For four hectic years, Athens has been taken apart, cleaned up, rebuilt, planted and replanted with the result that the city is now a true shining example of a 'successful make-over'. With thousands of volunteers standing on every corner - Athens was ready for the world
Paros Life Nr. 73 - August 2004   
Let the Games Begin!
The Olympic Flame arrives on Paros, history of the Olympic Truce and how to purchase tickets for the Games.
Paros Life Nr. 72 - July 2004   
Pass the Flame, Unite the World!
Lit by the rays of the sun, the sacred flame began its historic 2004 journey in Olympia and, after travelling around the world and through each of the 54 prefectures in Greece it will arrive at the Athens Olympic Stadium on August 13th to signal the start of the 2004 Games.
Paros Life Nr. 71 - June 2004   
House of Literature
The Municipality of Paros have launched a joint project with the European Translation Centre (EKEMEL) in Athens to create a "House of Literature" in the former Xenia Hotel in Lefkes.
Paros Life Nr. 70 - May 2004   
Apothiki Art Centre
A major new cultural project will be unveiled to the public at the official opening on Saturday, 22nd May at 8pm.
Paros Life Nr. 69 - April 2004   
Hosanna! Pascha!
Easter is by far the most important celebration on the Greek Orthodox calendar and it is an especially exciting time to be present in Greece and to have the chance to share in the traditions that have been handed down for generations in this country.
Paros Life Nr. 68 - March 2004   
The Paros Public Library
Mary Godfrey visits the library to find out what services are available to Parian residents.
Paros Life Nr. 67 - February 2004   
Our Mayor - One Year On
A year has passed already since Yiannis Rangoussis took office. He talks about his experience so far as well as the years leading up to his appointment as Mayor of Paros.
Paros Life Nr. 66 - Dec.' 03-Jan. '04   
An Evening of Greek Song
On the evening of November 1st, Andonis Prekas and Maroulia Kontou gave a concert of Greek art song at the Hall of the Archilochos Society.
Paros Life Nr. 65 - November 2003   
It’s All Greek to Me!
Paros currently has a total of five local Greek papers. This month, Elsa Sarri has taken some recent editions and summarized them for us. We want your feedback on this format and whether it meets your needs and interests.
Paros Life Nr. 64 - October 2003   
Major TV Channel Opens Studio on Paros
The ERT3 "Studio Paros" will initially broadcast programmes and documentaries on Paros's daily life and cultural events and on sites of historic interest on the island. It will then gradually increase its scope to include other Aegean islands and the Peleponnese.
Paros Life Nr. 63 - September 2003   
Parallel Worlds
The name of a recent NET TV documentary "Parallel Worlds" seems to capture the essence of the inspirational work being done by marine biologist and oceanographer Peter Nicolaides and his partner, environmentalist Kerstin Lingk.
Paros Life Nr. 62 - August 2003   
Some Enchanted Evening
Saturday, the 19th of July, 2003 was an evening to remember here on Paros. It was not just the opening of Gop Moulls’ sculpture exhibit at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, but also a chance to see rock and folk star of the 1960’s, Donovan Leitch (usually known simply as ‘Donovan’), perform.
Paros Life Nr. 61 - July 2003   
Children Are Our Future
As we slowly begin to become aware of the damage we are doing on a daily basis to our environment and struggle to change our habits to lessen the toll on nature, a handful of conscientious educators on Paros are striving to ensure that the next generation will never take our island’s precious resources for granted.
Paros Life Nr. 60 - June 2003   
Fine Arts, Fine Words
The first official meeting of the new legalized institution of IPAC, the International Paros Art Circle, was held on Thursday, 22nd May at the Pandrossos Hotel in Paroikia. Many of the 21 founding member artists were present, together with Paros’ Mayor, Giannis Rangoussis.
Paros Life Nr. 59 - May 2003   
Faros - Paros Expedition
Arriving on Paros on May 4th (weather permitting) is a very special expedition from the island of Hvar in Croatia. Modern Stari Grad (ancient Faros) on Hvar is the oldest town in Croatia and was founded and colonised by Greeks from Paros in 385/4 BC.
Paros Life Nr. 58 - April 2003   
Earth Day
At a time when our world is shaken by the horror of war in Iraq, we take a look at the efforts of another “coalition of the willing” - the Earth Day Network - which includes more than 5,000 organizations in 184 countries.
Paros Life Nr. 57 - March 2003   
State of Emergency
Following some of the most devastating storms in 100 years, with torrential rain on Monday 17th February causing catastrophic flooding, a state of emergency was declared in eight of the Cycladic islands.
Paros Life Nr. 56 - February 2003   
Nea Dimotiki Arhi
Our new Mayor and Municipal Council took office on 1st January 2003. We discuss with Giannis Rangoussis some of the suggestions and ideas put forward by the foreign community as to how we can better understand the issues that affect our daily lives on Paros.
Paros Life Nr. 55 - Dec. '02-Jan. '03   
Halloween Dinner Dance
For the third year running, the International Women’s Organization of Paros organized the now well-known Halloween Party on 31st October. As well as raising money for an important local cause, this is a chance for us to dress up and have some fun.
Paros Life Nr. 54 - November 2002   
A New Mayor for Paros
The elections are finally over and Giannis Rangoussis is voted in as our new Mayor to take office on 1st January 2003. A breakdown of the votes and a short message from our new Mayor.
Paros Life Nr. 53 - October 2002   
And Then There Were Three ...
Information about the Municipal Elections which will take place on 13th October and a message from each of the three candidates (one has withdrawn) to the foreign community.
Paros Life Nr. 52 - September 2002   
October Municipal Elections
Although foreign EU citizens have the right to vote in the municipal elections to be held in October, very few have registered to do so. What can we do at Paros Life and what can the elected Mayor do to help you be better informed so that you can have a say in how things are run on Paros?
Paros Life Nr. 51 - August 2002   
Hellenic Stars in Parian Skies
Hellenic Star Airways have launched a new regular air service between Paros and Athens and it needs our support if it is to continue.
Paros Life Nr. 50 - July 2002   
Paros Volunteer Team
Since the end of June the Paros Volunteer Team have begun a regular morning "shift" to cover the busiest hours at our Health Centre.
Paros Life Nr. 49 - June 2002   
Where Does All The Garbage Go?
Trudy Petridi investigates this critical question and finds out about how the citizens of Naoussa are taking specific action to protect their environment.
Paros Life Nr. 48 - May 2002   
Win a Greek Language Course
Do you often find yourself wishing that you could communicate more effectively in the Greek language? Paros Life offers its readers the chance to win a Greek Language Course from DIKEMES (The International Center for Hellenic & Mediterranean Studies) worth 650 Euro.
Paros Life Nr. 47 - April 2002   
Celebrate Carnival !!!
All over Greece, the three-week Apokries leading up to Lent is a time for fun and celebration.
Paros Life Nr. 46 - March 2002   
Waterfalls & Waterworks
When the snow melted and the rains came this winter, one result was a beautiful cascade of water from the hills, but it's sad to see the water we will need so badly in the summer running into the sea.
Paros Life Nr. 45 - February 2002   
In the Deep Midwinter ...
Following two or three days of minor snow flurries, Parians awoke one morning last month to find the island fantastically transformed into a winter wonderland!
Paros Life Nr. 44 - Dec.' 01-Jan. '02   
Eureka !
The most important things we need to know about the introduction of the Euro on 1st January 2002.
Paros Life Nr. 43 - November 2001   
Paros Health Centre
Silvia Lubitz-Skaramagkas tells the story of how the Hospital of the Holy Ghost in Hagen-Haspe, Germany, has donated many valuable items to the Paros Health Centre - all because of the idea of Silvia's friend Christiane.
Paros Life Nr. 42 - October 2001   
Secrets of the Deep
Trudy Petridi braves the elements to get a closer look at the work of the team diving from the crane over the wreck of the Express Samina.
Paros Life Nr. 41 - September 2001   
Remembering the Express Samina
The 26th of this month will mark the first anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Express Samina in Paros Harbour. A Mass will be held at the Ekatontapiliani Church, followed by the unveiling of a memorial to the dead by the Mayor and a simple ceremony at the Town Hall to honour local fishermen. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away across the Atlantic Ocean, in the U.S. city of Seattle, two young women are planning a very special pilgrimage.
Paros Life Nr. 40 - August 2001   
Agricultural Cooperative Opens Visitors' Centre
The Enosi Agrotikon Synetairismon, or Agricultural Cooperative of Paros, has been producing good wine and good olive oil for decades. This summer, the Enosis Winery has opened a new Visitors' Center.
Paros Life Nr. 39 - July 2001   
Insistence on Beauty
"To marvel is the beginning of knowledge and when we cease to marvel we are in danger of ceasing to know." This ancient Greek quotation will be familiar to anyone who has ever received an email from John Pack, Director of the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Paroikia.
Paros Life Nr. 38 - June 2001   
Water Warning
As we are all very much aware, there was very little rainfall during the winter months, a fact which rather obviously leads to the conclusion that there will be even more severe water shortages this summer than last.
Paros Life Nr. 37 - May 2001   
Eleftherios Venizelos Airport
For most people the name of the new Athens airport is such a mouthful that they prefer to call it simply 'Spata Airport' referring to the area in which it is located in the eastern outskirts of Athens.
Paros Life Nr. 36 - April 2001   
Paros Voluntary Lifeboat Service
Prompted by the Express Samina tragedy on 26th September 2000, members of our local community have taken on the project of improving safety at sea by forming a volunteer sea rescue service.
Paros Life Nr. 35 - March 2001   
Association of Friends of the Health Centre
Support our local Health Centre and join the Association. Details on how and why you should subscribe to ensure the best possible quality of medical services are available to us all on Paros.
Paros Life Nr. 34 - February 2001   
Work Off Those Winter Blues!
Let Tanya Ford inspire you to action and join the Paros netball team.
Paros Life Nr. 33 - Dec. '00-Jan. '01   
Halloween High Jinks!
Organised by the Paros International Women's Group, our Halloween Party on 31st October was a tremendous success! Around one hundred people attended and we raised over 400,000 drachmas for our Paros Health Centre.
Paros Life Nr. 32 - November 2000   
"Navagio" (Shipwreck)
Navagio - a word that has become all too familiar to us over the past few weeks as the repercussions of the Samina Express disaster at the end of September continue to affect the island.
Paros Life Nr. 31 - October 2000   
Samina Express Tragedy
This issue of “The Foreigner” goes to press in the aftermath of the terrible tragedy of the sinking of the Samina Express which hit the “Portes” rocks on the way into Paros Harbour on the night of 26th September.
Paros Life Nr. 30 - September 2000   
Water, Water Everywhere...
... nor any drop to drink! So runs the tale of Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner, and so might we empathise when confronted with water surrounding us in all directions and yet a shortage of it in our taps!
Paros Life Nr. 29 - August 2000   
Paros Burning
Fires raged throughout Greece during the month of July and, amongst them, the largest fire in Paros’ history
Paros Life Nr. 28 - July 2000   
Mega Paros !
The foreign community on Paros receives media and international attention.
Paros Life Nr. 27 - June 2000   
Delos to Paros Marathon Swim
The Friends of the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles are pleased to announce a fund-raising marathon swim in support of the return of the Parthenon Marbles
Paros Life Nr. 26 - May 2000   
Our Marine Environment
Oceanographer/Biologist Peter Nicolaides describes the critical importance of the posidonia sea-grass to our eco-system
Paros Life Nr. 25 - April 2000   
Aegean Wildlife
On a secluded, sparsely-vegetated plateau in the broad valley of Kamares sits the new home of the Aegean Wildlife Hospital.
Paros Life Nr. 24 - March 2000   
What Did They Find in Paroikia Harbour?
This is a question to which nearly everyone seems to have a different answer and is a big part of the excitement generated by all archaeological finds.
Paros Life Nr. 23 - February 2000   
Social Welfare Organisation of Paros (S.W.O.P.)
On Thursday 13th January, the local social welfare organisation of volunteers met for the first time to discuss ways of contributing our services to the community.
Paros Life Nr. 22 - Dec.'99-Jan.2000   
Travel in The New Millennium
Improving Paroikia harbour has been a distant dream for many years, but now, on the threshold of the 21st Century, it seems that funding has at last been found and work is underway.
Paros Life Nr. 21 - November 1999   
End of Season & Farewell Party!!!
Now the season has finally ended, there are some of our community who are preparing to return to their homeland - either for the Millennium or maybe longer. Sounds like a perfect excuse to PARTY!!!
Paros Life Nr. 20 - October 1999   
Launch of the ‘Friends of the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Sculptures’
This event was hosted by the Chairman of the new Committee, Dr.John Polyzoides, at his home in Krios on 18-19th September.
Paros Life Nr. 19 - September 1999   
Attention Chess Players!
On the weekend of 18/19th September, at the home of Jean and John Polyzoides in Krios, there will be a very special event to launch the Association of the Friends of the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Sculptures.
Paros Life Nr. 18 - August 1999   
Paros to View 75% Eclipse of the Sun
At sunrise on the 11th August a total eclipse of the sun will commence about 400 kilometres south of Nova Scotia on the eastern coast of Canada.
Paros Life Nr. 17 - July 1999   
Legacy of Logaras
You never truly understand how much a building means to you until it's been taken down. It's not an existing proverb, but for many people this knowledge has grown deeper recently - sprung from the fact that the Fisilani Restaurant in Logaras just was not there this spring.
Paros Life Nr. 16 - June 1999   
Homeward Bound - The Spring Releases
The spring task of returning the birds to the air began at the Aegean Wildlife Hospital in April with releases of many species taking place throughout the post winter and hunting season months.
Paros Life Nr. 15 - May 1999   
Agricultural Co-operative Union of Paros
In our increasingly industrialized world, the efforts of the Agricultural Union are particularly appreciated by those of us who have chosen to make Paros our home, since they not only provide us with traditional produce, but simultaneously strive to maintain the economic viability of the local agricultural environment
Paros Life Nr. 14 - April 1999   
Carnival in Marpissa
The day before Kathari Deftera (Clean Monday) is traditionally Carnival Time and great fun was had as always in Marpissa - from the youngest to the oldest inhabitant.
Paros Life Nr. 13 - March 1999   
Happy Birthday - to Us !!
The Foreigner celebrates its first anniversary.
Paros Life Nr. 12 - February 1999   
Halcyon Days
Known as “Halcyon Days” (Alkyonides Imeras) since ancient times and written about by Aristotle and others, these sudden summer weather conditions in mid-winter are beautifully explained by the Greek myth of Alkyoni.
Paros Life Nr. 11 - January 1999   
Twelve Days of Christmas
Continuing the exotic bird theme, as there are still 6 days of Christmas left in January, we present a traditional English Christmas song, together with a warning of what can happen if one takes life too literally.
Paros Life Nr. 10 - December 1998   
Merry Christmas
Welcome to our first Christmas edition! On behalf of all of us here at “The Foreigner”, we’d like to thank our readers and advertisers for their support during 1998 and to wish you all Kala Christouyenna and oti epithimeis for the New Year.
Paros Life Nr. 9 - November 1998   
Election Results
During the two rounds of elections held on October 11th and 18th, the Parian people and registered foreign EU residents chose the new Mayor (Dimarchos) of Paros who will govern the whole island from 1st January 1999.
Paros Life Nr. 8 - October 1998   
Election Day
By now we’re sure you all know that Sunday 11th October 1998 is election day on Paros. If you have registered and are eligible to vote, remember that this is an important chance for the Parian permanent inhabitants from EU countries to have their say in local politics.
Paros Life Nr. 7 - September 1998   
PWA Paros 1998
The Professional Windsurfers Association and the Theodoridis brothers of the Paros Surf Club at New Golden Beach bring the World Windsurfing Tour to Paros for the sixth consecutive year.
Paros Life Nr. 6 - August 1998   
What a Night!
Those of you who joined us at the Lefkes Village Hotel on 27th June will already know what a wonderful time was had by all at the 60s Glittering Starlight Party.
Paros Life Nr. 5 - July 1998   
English Couple Marry in Marpissa
Steven and Samantha tie the knot on May 27th at the Marpissa Koinotita.
Paros Life Nr. 4 - June 1998   
Lefkes Hosts Fabulous ‘Global Party’
When Dirk Drijbooms and Hilde Van Lindt decided to get married after ‘20 years of true friendship’ , they chose New York, Paros and Belgium for a truly global celebration.
Paros Life Nr. 3 - May 1998   
Paros - Battleground of the Gods?
A terrible storm hit Paros at the end of March causing extensive damages to fishing boats and to harbour-front businesses.
Paros Life Nr. 2 - April 1998   
The Aegean Wildlife Hospital
Did you know that we have a wild bird and animal sanctuary right here in Paroikia in our own backyard? The Aegean Wildlife Hospital is a non-profit organisation founded in 1995.
Paros Life Nr. 1 - March 1998   
A Foreigner is Born!
Welcome to “The Foreigner” - the newsletter for the foreign population of Paros.
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