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Town Councillor Candidate Beate Beyer
Nr. 97 - October 2006  
The Elections
Beate Beyer explains the voting process for local elections to be held on the 15th. The two candidates for Mayor, Yiannis Rangoussis and Louis Kondos, present their candidate lists for the municipal and local village councils.
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What’s on in October
Schedule of events - October 2006
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IWOP Awakes!
The first of the winter IWOP events is on Wednesday, October 11th – a walk from Drios to Logaras followed by lunch at a taverna.
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Friends of Drios
Announcement of the newly-elected Board of Directors of the non-profit association “Friends of Drios” and its responsibilities.
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Superheal Me
Nutritionist Sarah Dobbyn explains how to reverse diabetes through diet. October’s healthy receipe - organic vegetable curry with organic quinoa savoury rice.
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Hellenic Rescue Team Ceremony
On Sunday the 24th of September, members of the Hellenic Rescue Team gathered together in the port of Naoussa with local authorities and two Samina Express survivors from the tragic event of the 26th of September 2000, to hold a small remembrance ceremony.
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2nd European Week of Rural Tourism
Between 29th September and 1st October a number of events will be taking place all over Greece and in 24 other countries organized by the European Federation of Farm and Village Tourism.
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Municipal Website
A message from the Mayor inviting you to visit the Municipality of Paros’s website
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Journalist Patrick Marie Catherine and painter and teacher Mireille Saurat, a French couple from Rouen who have been coming to the Greek islands for 25 years, have published a book of poetry and aquarelles in French and Greek.
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Eva Persaki Exhibition
The Pontoporos Gallery in Naoussa is currently showing the work of artist Eva Persaki.
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Britt Spillers Exhibition
Britt Spillers’ recent solo exhibition held at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts as part of their 40th year celebration was a beautiful display of the artist’s depth and talent.
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EU Funding Programme for Alternative Tourism
Ariadne S.A., as the representative of Europe Direct in Greece, announces an invitation for proposals under Measure 5.3.2. of the operational programme “Competitiveness: Support for businesses investing in alternative forms of tourism.”
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Gourmet Corner
Chef Iannis Barbaris from the Paros Agnanti Gourmet Restaurant shares some of his favourite recipes with Paros Life readers. This month: Thai Beef.
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Dining Out
Romantika Restaurant – Alyki.
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The Moraitis Winery Museum
Tony Lynn Giffin, Curator of Collections at the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville, KY, U.S.A., writes about her visit to the Moraitis Winery Museum in Naoussa.
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It’s All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month’s summary of the local Greek press.
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The Eparcheio
The Eparcheio is the local authority representing the subprefecture of Paros and Antiparos under the district council of the Nomarchy (Prefecture) of the Cycladic islands, based in Syros.
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Paros Tennis Club
The Paros Tennis Club is organizing the Tennis Academy for this school year for children aged 5-18 and the 3rd Paros Open tennis tournament will be held from October 6-13th at the Porto Paros Hotel, Kolimbithres.
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Free Trees
Every year the “Dasarchio” (Greek government forestry department) give away twenty different kinds of trees free of charge in order to try to encourage reforestation on the islands.
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On Wednesday, 20th September, during a storm with thunder and lightening but no rain, an impressive waterspout formed in the cloud over Golden Beach.
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The Garbage Disposal Plant
On September 3rd inhabitants from all the island and representatives from the Municipality of Paros celebrated the start of construction of the first modern and environmentally-friendly garbage disposal plant (XYTA) in the Aegean.
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What is Compost?
Roy Silber explains how to make compost according to the Permaculture method.
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Deutsche Ecke (German Corner)
The German Contact and Information Centre (DKIZ) in Athens underwent a restructuring of its services earlier this year. Information can now be found on their new website and in the newspaper “Griechenland-Zeitung”. Summaries of the June, July & August DKIZ news-sheets.
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Animal Talk
Municipal funds, PAWS Benefit Dinner, Questions to Mayoral Candidates and animal welfare contact information.
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Football News, AMEAI Registrations, Large Items Waste Disposal, Europe-wide Emergency Number.
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Pure Parian Thyme Honey
Loukia Stefanou describes how Kostas Vionis tends to the bees that feed on the island’s wild thyme to produce pure Parian honey.
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