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Photo of Yannis Parios by kind permission of PARION FOS
Nr. 95 - August 2006  
Beloved Son of Paros
Our great Greek singer from Paros, Yannis Parios, will, for the first time on his native island, be giving two concerts entitled “All Blue” at 9pm on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th August at the Municipal Athletic Ground, Paroikia.
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What’s on in August
Schedule of events - August 2006
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Mulching Mother Earth
Roy Silber explains mulching according to the Permaculture method.
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Concert Reviews
Paros was the venue for a number of world-class concerts during June and July as part of The Aegean Center’s “Festival of Thanks” and the Paros Summer Classical Music Festival: Anonymous 4, Trio Mediaeval, Camerata Polyzoides & Opera Aegean.
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Paros Summer Classical Music Festival 2006
The last of this summer’s Festival concerts is “Mark Damisch Plays Piano” at the Hotel Paros Agnanti.
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The Venus Art Gallery, IPAC (International Paros Art Circle) exhibition in Antiparos, Emmanuel Fokianos & Peter Seibt .
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Ekatontapyliani Programme
The programme for the Festival of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary & the Grand Opening of the Ecclesiastic Home for Senior Citizens on August 15th.
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Orangedoor Gallery
Exhibitions this month at the Orangedoor Gallery are Varda, Giorgos Pergamalis & Danae Mylonaki.
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Pontoporos Galerie
Exhibitions at the Pontoporos Galerie this month are ‘Afi’, Anna Abariotou & Yorgos Koutsonasios.
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Holland Tunnel
The Paros Holland Tunnel Gallery exhibition “Oracle” continues until 31st August.
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Apothiki Art Gallery
Review of the “Naabas” photography exhibition and programme of exhibitions for August 2006: Nakis Tastsioglou & Stergios Stamos, IPAC “Greek Mythology”.
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Summer Lovers: HIV & STD Awareness
From the 16th through the 21st of July the Mobile Information Unit of the HCIDC (Hellenic Centre for Infectious Disease Control) was in Paroikia providing free information about HIV and the importance of responsibility in the practice of sexual enjoyment.
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Why Not Go To The Movies?
Paroikia has two really excellent movie theatres – both open to the stars in the cool-cool-cool of the summer evening: the ‘Rex’ and the ‘Paros’.
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Deutsche Ecke (German Corner)
Sculptures created at the marble workshop held in the spring under the direction of Christiane Demenat will be on display at the concerts taking place in August at the Hotel Nostos, New Golden Beach.
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A Tale of Two Weddings
The wedding of Orla Brennan and Keith Doyle was planned for July 5 in Aghios Antonios church in Paroikia… but that was before Aeolos got “wind” of it…
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Dining Out:
Open Garden, Christos Taverna, Daphne Garden Restaurant & Porto Trio.
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Press Release: Eniaia Dimotiki Kinisi Politon
On 29th June 2006 the government party, Nea Dimokratia, announced its support for local municipal party EDKPP and the candidate mayor Loizos Kontos with regard to the municipal elections to be held in October 2006.
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It’s All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month’s summary of the local Greek press.
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Yakomina Fisilani
On the morning of 20 July, Yakomina Fisilani passed away. A pillar of the Marpissa community, she lived a simple and hardworking life.
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Retail Therapy
There are many new products and services being offered on Paros these days, to enhance your home and your life: here’s a sample of a few of them...
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Need Somewhere to Stay?
Rooms “Panta Rei” and Argonauta Hotel.
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Take Three Deep Breaths...
Take a break from your daily routine or from your worries and head for Ambelas (near Naoussa). Follow the signs to Tao’s Center, take three deep breaths and open your heart to the magnificent view and to everything the place itself offers.
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SP Phone Cards, Volunteers at AMEAI, OAED on Paros.
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The Anthemion Museum
Toni Lynn Giffin, Curator of Collections at the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville, KY, USA, visits Paros’s Anthemion Museum.
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2006 Kiteboard Pro World Tour
The Kiteboard Pro World Cup 2006 Paros event, sponsored by the Greek Tourism Organization, came to an end on Sunday 16th July with the Grand Award Ceremony, a beach barbeque and party, and fireworks.
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Laurels for Lance (er...Len)!
Expatriate Englishman and Paros resident, Len Rooks, 60, who was riding the “Tour of Paros” in July has achieved his ambition and completed 3,640kms in the same amount of days as the young men of the Tour de France.
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