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Participants and guests at “The New Symposium” held May 17-22 at the House of Literature, Lefkes.
Nr. 93 - June 2006  
“The New Symposium”
After an inspiring week full of intense discussions and sharing of ideas on the theme “The Commons” (what we hold in common) for the participants, the Symposium came to an end with an evening performance on a warm and pleasant early summer’s night at the Paros Municipal Library on Monday, 22nd May.
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What’s on in June
Schedule of events - June 2006
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Seen From Afar
Father and son Grigoris and Denis Leontis have built a most prestigious hotel resort above Krios Bay, now in its fourth successful year of operation.
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Paros Summer Classical Music Festival 2006
The programme for a series of classical concerts arranged and sponsored by Grigoris Leondis, Dr Apostolos Polyzoides and the Municipality of Paros to be held at the Paros Agnanti Hotel this summer.
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Aegean Center Festival of Thanks
2006 marks the Aegean Center for the Fine Art’s 40th year on Paros and this occasion is being celebrated throughout the month in a “Festival of Thanks” with a series of very special a cappella musical events.
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orangedoor gallery
A new art gallery on Market Street in Paroikia held its inaugural party on 29th April this year. Its second exhibition “Anima” by Ulrike Lassen was held from 9-24 May. Programme of exhibitions for June.
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Shiatsu Workshops, Yoga Workshops, Children’s Culture Week, Naoussa Women’s Association.
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Apothiki Art Gallery
Programme of exhibitions and events for June 2006.
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Paros Poetry
Summer Paradise by Nigel Mowat-Napier.
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Deutsche Ecke (German Corner)
Wahlrecht fur Auslander – The Right to Vote for Foreigners: Longtime resident of Paros, Ulla Kypreos, appeals to nationals of EU Member States living on Paros to exercise their duty and their right to vote in the municipal elections on Sunday, October 15th, 2006.
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Overseas Vote Foundation
A Non-partisan, secure, Internet-based voter registration system is available for Americans abroad to register to vote in the 2006 Midterms.
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International Community Meeting with the Mayor
On Wednesday April 26th at 4pm, members of our international community enjoyed a very candid discussion with Mayor Rangoussis at the Paros Town Hall.
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Peter’s Computer Corner
Do You VoiP - Part II (Skype Video Calls).
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Cycladic Audiovisual Archives
A new cultural organization entitled “CYCLOS, Cycladic Audiovisual Archives” was founded in Paros upon the initiative of director Yannis Tritsibidas.
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“New Symposium” to be Catalyst for Intercultural Exchange
The International Writing Program (IWP) at the University of Iowa in collaboration with the Fulbright Foundation in Greece organized “The New Symposium,” convening writers, artists, and thinkers from America, Greece, and around the world, to focus on “The Commons” – what we hold in common – at the Lefkes House of Literature from May 17-22.
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IWOP Events & Activities
Debbie Henton summaries recent IWOP activites and reminds members about the AGM to be held on June 14th at 2.30pm at Pebbles Cafe Bar, Paroikia.
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Stillwaters in the Village
Fans of the Stillwaters Restaurant at Apandima Beach in Antiparos will be pleased to hear that Neil and Kirsty Starkey-Midha are opening a second establishment – “Stillwaters in the Village” – on July 1st.
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Tour of Paros Update
Len Rooks gives the last update before the event (Saturday 1st July until Sunday 23rd July).
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Swimming Lessons
Aqua Sports Swim School will be running swimming classes for children 6 years and older at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels between 12 June and 22 July at the swimming pool of Santa Maria Camping.
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EU Mayor’s Meeting
The 23rd General Meeting of Municipalities of Europe was held in Innsbruck, Austria from 10-12 May.
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Health Centre Volunteer Team
Now that the summer season has started, our Health Centre Volunteer Team is again looking for volunteers from the international community to act as support/liaison persons for foreign patients - typically tourists who are involved in road accidents.
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It’s All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month's summary of the latest news in the local Greek papers.
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Sick to the Back Teeth?
Nutritional writer and counsellor Sarah Dobbyn explains how oral hygiene affects your health.
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Shouldn’t You be Happy?
Postpartum Depression (PPD). What is it and why is it an important women’s health topic?
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Animal Talk
PAWS News: Kalazar , voting in local elections and animal welfare contact information.
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