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Nr. 90 - March 2006  
Municipal News
Press releases last month include news about a programme for the unemployed on the island, Paros’s participation in the Gourmet Media World Festival and the move of municipal services KEP and DEYAP to a more convenient location.
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What’s on in March
Schedule of events - March 2006
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Apothiki Art Gallery 2006 Programme
This year’s programme of art activities and events at Paroikia’s Apothiki Art Gallery.
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IWOP Events & Activities
Debbie Henton summarizes February’s activities of the International Women’s Organization of Paros and gives a preview of what’s coming up in March.
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A Review of “The Self in a Photograph”
Jeffrey Carson reviews “The Self in a Photograph” – 12 Poems by Lisa Dart. Lisa gave a poetry reading at the Aegean Center last spring and will be back again this year.
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IPAC Event: A Series of Round-table Discussions
A series of round-table discussions on the subject “Introduction to Art Appreciation” will be held for five weeks on Tuesday evenings at the Apothiki Gallery in Paroikia starting on March 21st.
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Citizenship of the European Union
A brief explanation about your rights as a citizen of the European Union by Santorini attorney Dr. jur Pamaria Rekaiti.
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Foreign Assistance in Greece
Dorian Kokas provides assistance to foreigners in dealing with Greek bureaucracy.
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It’s All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month's summary of the latest news in the local Greek papers.
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Don’t Bury Me Deep
The last in a series of articles about traditional Greek music by Souzana Raphael.
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Notes on Greece for British Nationals
A new updated edition of this very useful little booklet is now available on request from the British Embassy in Athens.
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Animal Talk
PAWS News and Animal welfare contact information.
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Tour of Paros Update
Len Rooks gives an update on the status of the Tour of Paros to be held in July 2006.
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News from the Cyclades
This month “Naxos Life” has started publishing summaries of news from the local newspaper “Kykladiki” which is published in Naxos. As much of this month’s information is generally relevant to the Cyclades Islands, including Paros, it is reprinted here.
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