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Photograph of the final concert by Elizabeth Carson
Nr. 87 - November 2005  
The Archilochos Conference
After much and careful preparation, the International Conference on Archilochos, “Archilochos and His Age”, which took place on Paros 7-9 October, was a big and enduring success.
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What’s on in November
Schedule of events - November 2005
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Christmas Bazaar
Once again there will be an “Open House” at Patricia Clarkson’s Aliki home on November 25th, 26th and 27th from 10am to 8pm with proceeds going to the Aliki Kindergarten.
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The Aegean Center in Lefkes
The Aegean Center has opened a new space in the village of Lefkes where students can go for quiet and study.
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Ethnic Treasures
A very special and unique exhibition was held from 25-27th October at the gallery at Anezina Village in Drios.
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The XON in Turkey
The Folkdance Group of Naoussa (XON) has recently returned from a very successful trip to Turkey from 14th-19th October, where they participated in a festival in Constantinople (Istanbul).
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Paros Tennis Club
Many tennis fans and friends came to watch the compelling finals of the Paros Tennis Open 2005 that took place at the Porto Paros Hotel, Kolymbithres on 2nd October.
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Dining Out
Paris-Paros - Ag. Anargiri, Naoussa.
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The Eparcheio is Moving, Vote for Olympic, Tree Give-away, Alpha Bank “Phishing”, Spring Photo Workshop.
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Sam & Roz’s Wedding
After a night of thunderstorms, “Rain, rain, go away …” (as the ancient rhyme starts) was the cry of Rosalind as she prepared for her wedding day on the morning of September 16th.
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John McSwan
World travellers John and Eileen McSwan are well known to many people on the island from their years of living on Paros and their annual visits since they moved to Austria six years ago.
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Joy & Sorrow
As most of you who know us are already aware, our twin babies were due to be born at the beginning of October at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada.
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Samina Memorial
A special five-year memorial service for the victims of the Samina Express disaster was held on September 26th at the small chapel dedicated to “Aghios Ioannis O Theologos” at Korakia near Parosporos.
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It’s All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month's summary of the latest news in the local Greek papers.
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IWOP Events & Activities
The September and October activities of the International Women’s Organization of Paros included a talk on homeopathy, a photography workshop, learning Greek through song, a tour and talk on the history of Lefkes, and a talk by Dr Betty Mooney on the menopause. Activities schedule for the next few months.
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Peter’s Computer Corner
Do you Skype? PC Pete explains how you can use your computer to make free and cheap telephone calls over the Internet.
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A trip to Crete to meet local musicians there is the subject of Souzana Raphael’s latest article in her series on traditional Greek music.
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Personal Development on Iraklia
Internationally acclaimed NLP presenter and writer Pam Rigden offers a series of personal development workshops on the tiny island of Iraklia in the Small Cyclades.
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Deutsche Ecke (German Corner)
The Goethe Institute in Athens, one of a global network of 126 centres, provides cultural and educational services to contribute to an ongoing “dialogue” between German and Greek culture.
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Animal Talk
Claire Kalemkeris makes an appeal to members to renew their subscriptions as PAWS funds are running very low. Information about participating in the general assembly. Animal welfare contact information.
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Tour of Paros
Len Rooks gives an update on the status of the Tour of Paros to be held in July 2006.
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