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Sketch of Christine & Heidi’s memorial statue
Nr. 85 - September 2005  
Five Years On…
Five years have passed already since the tragic sinking of the Express Samina in Paroikia Harbour on the night of 26th September 2000.
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What's on in September
Schedule of events - September 2005
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Moraitis Winery Museum and Venus Art Gallery.
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Hans Giesen at the Netherlands Institute, Athens
Hans Giesen, the Dutch painter who for the greater part of the year lives and works on the will exhibit solo in Athens at the Netherlands Institute from September 29th.
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Lina Bebi & Marigo Kassi
Fotis Mellios has opened a new caf? at the harbour of Aghios Dimitrios, Boukadoura in Naoussa which will also operate as an art space.
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Exhibition Reviews
Labyrinth at the Tunnel, Kostas Guzelis, Michaela Ruleta, IPAC "Encounter" Exhibition.
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The Art of Breastfeeding
A unique exhibition of artists from Naxos and around the world is being held on Naxos in September to raise funds for the Breastfeeding Resource Center which provides services free of charge to pregnant and nursing mothers in Naxos and the neighbouring islands.
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Oedipus on Paros
A review by Jeffrey Carson of the performance of Oidipous Tyrannos on July 29th.
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It's All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month's summary of the latest news in the local Greek papers.
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In the North Country
The next article by Souzana Raphael's in a series on traditional Greek music - this month describing the music of Northern Greece and a visit to Grevena.
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On the Beach
In spite of his busy schedule, earlier this summer, Marine Biologist Peter Nicolaides found time to talk to a group of us from IWOP (The International Women's Organization of Paros) and our partners about the marine environment.
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Farewell Mary, Orthodox Fasting Rules, Paros Life Search Facility, Painting Workshops, AMEAI Centre.
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Animal Talk
Claire Kalemkeris describes some of the wonderful stories of abandoned animals finding new homes and how even a little time offered can help PAWS in its work with strays. Animal welfare contact information.
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Black Henna: Warning
Following a report from one of our readers whose 8-year-old niece was badly scarred as a result of having a temporary tattoo at the beach, please be aware that there is a danger of developing contact dermatitis from "black henna" (which contains a chemical called para-phenylenediamine or PPD) paint-on tattoos.
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Tour of Paros
An update on next summer's Tour of Paros and changes to the website by Len Rooks.
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Paros Poetry
A tribue to poet Desmond O'Grady on the occasion of his 70th birthday by Stella Lubsen-Admiraal and Desmond's poem "Desmond to Damianos".
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A Dream Come True
Cindy Freeman had always dreamed of a Greek island wedding and in May this year her dream came true on Paros.
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Friends of Paros Update
A very successful event organized by the "Friends of Paros" took place on Sunday 7th August at the Porto Paros Hotel. The theme of the evening was the excessive housing development of the Aegean islands and Paros in particular.
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