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Work by Paros schoolchildren shown at the Earth Week exhibition at the Apothiki Gallery. Photo thanks to Dimitris Sifneos
Nr. 81 - May 2005  
Recycling on Paros
A recycling project in all Paros schools was launched on 28th February of this year, organized and funded by the Municipality of Paros.
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What's on in May
Schedule of events - May 2005
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April Fool!
Did you fall for our April fool article "The Times They Are A-Changing" last month?
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Earth Week at Apothiki
The Apothiki Gallery in Paroikia presented an amazing exhibition of children's work using recycled materials for the International Earth Week Exhibition in cooperation with the Municipal Art School, the Music School of Paros, the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts and the United Nations Environmental Programme for the Mediterranean.
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Apothiki Goes Chinese!
The 'Apothiki-Beijing - European Contemporary China' is an initiative of two Belgians, Hilde Van Lindt and Dirk Drijbooms who last year created a similar art centre on Paros - the Apothiki Gallery in Paroikia. This summer's programme for the Apothiki Gallery in Paroikia, including the exhibition in May of Eleni Pavlopoulos.
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Peter Abbs and Lisa Dart at the Aegean Center
On the evening of April 2nd English poets Peter Abbs and Lisa Dart gave a joint reading of their poetry, and afterwards Peter gave a talk on the preservation and resuscitation of creativity in contemporary life and education.
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Paros Music Festival 2005
A reminder that Barrett Cobb and Lloyd Arriola will return to Paros to present two concerts at the Archilochos Hall this summer on June 12th and June 18th. Those wishing to become sponsors of this summer's concerts can contribute at the Alpha Bank in Paroikia.
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It's All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month's summary of the latest news in the local Greek papers.
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May Day
Souzana Raphael continues her story of meeting and playing with traditional Greek musicians on the islands of Sifnos and Kythos.
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The International Women's Organization of Paros had a very interesting talk about preventing low back pain given by Dimitris Sifneos in March and a highly informative historical tour of Paroikia given by Jeffrey Carson in April.
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Naxos Life
Based on the successful model of its sister publication, Paros Life, this month, the first edition of the new English-language magazine Naxos Life will be in circulation on Naxos and Amorgos.
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Deutsche Ecke (German Corner)
Summaries from the newsletter Info 1/2005 of the "German Contact- and Information Centre/Athens.
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Learn Greek This Summer!
DIKEMES are holding their Intensive Modern Greek Language Program (beginning, intermediate & advanced levels) on Paros from June 13 - July 2, 2005. Other DIKEMES courses on Paros this summer include "Excavating in the Aegean", "Anthropology & Community Engagement" and "Landscape Drawing and Painting".
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Win an Intensive Greek Language Course
DIKEMES has been conducting its highly-acclaimed summer Modern Greek language programmes on Paros for the past nine years. In cooperation with Paros Life, they are offering readers the chance to win a free place on the summer course of their choice.
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A Life Well Lived
An Interview with Dr Evthimios Kebapis by Angelica Eder.
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Letters to the Editor
Changing Times!, Tour of Paros 2006, Gaida vs. Tsambouna.
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So Where Does Your Dirty Water Go?
Living on a small island with hot summers and limited rain, we are all aware that we must be careful with water, but what do you do with your water after you have used it?
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Animal Talk
The new PAWS board has been meeting and talking often in an effort to get up to speed and has begun by talking to other animal welfare organizations in the Cyclades to learn from their successes and failures. Animal welfare contact information.
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Organic Produce, A Short History of Greece, IWOP AGM.
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Paros Tennis Club Championship
The Paros Tennis Club 2005 Championship held at the Porto Paros Hotel in Kolymbithres on April 8, 9 and 10 was a very successful event.
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Holiday of a Lifetime
Colette Bamboulis writes about how she paid a return visit to her penfriend of thirty-seven years in India..
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Nikos Xydakis and the Vasilis Rakopoulos Quintet
Jeffrey Carson reviews the concert held on March 27th at the Nireas Hall in Naoussa.
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Reiki, Astrology & Foot Reflexology
A short interview with Heidi M.
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