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15th March Press Conference at the Town Hall
Nr. 80 - April 2005  
Air-Ambulance Update
Mayor Yiannis Rangoussis held a press conference at the Town Hall on March 15th in order to inform local journalists about current actions regarding the air-ambulance.
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What's on in April
Schedule of events - April 2005
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International Women's Organization of Paros
May Day Festival - come along and bring the whole family to celebrate this English village-style event at Anemos in Kolymbithres on Wednesday, 4th May. Thanks to Peter Nicolades for his talk on the marine environment and Peter Seibt for his talk on art and IPAC.
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Haig Yazdjian and Friends
A review by Jeffrey Carson of the second concert of the Archilochos winter concert series held on March 7th.
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Deutsche Ecke (German Corner)
Influenced by her own work with marble, Ingrid wrote a poem, where the stone speaks to us. It also serves as an announcement for a marble sculpting workshop using traditional methods which will take place at the Hotel Nostos at New Golden Beach from 14-28 May.
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Earth Week at Apothiki
In celebration of International Earth Day, a very special programme of art, poetry and music has been planned at the Apothiki Gallery in Paroikia between 16 and 23 April by the Municipal Art Workshop in cooperation with the Municipality, the Paros Music School, The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts and United Nations Environmental Programme for the Mediterranean.
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Paros Music Festival 2005
This summer Barrett Cobb and Lloyd Arriola will return to Paros to present two concerts at the Archilochos Hall. Last year Parians were treated to both a vocal and a flute recital by Ms Cobb, and two piano recitals by Mr Arriola. This summer they will together showcase their unique talents in two specially conceived programs presenting music from three great musical cities, Vienna, Paris and New York.
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Carnival Fun!
Aria Fisilani (11 years old) describes her school carnival party last month.
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The Historic Bridges of Paros
Iris Papathansiou writes about the project of a group of students from the Primary School of Marpissa & Archilochos on the history of the bridges on Paros.
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It's All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month's summary of the latest news in the local Greek papers.
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Three Sculptors
A portrait by Angelica Eder of three artists and their work with Paros's famous translucent marble: Iannis Prasinos, Jan Nijland and Erika Harbort.
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Byzantine Art & Mystery on Naxos
Naxos's many chapels - it has the greatest concentration of chapels with rare frescoes of any Aegean island - are the inspiration behind the 'Walking Plus Byzantine Art and Mystery' holiday, which falls over the Greek Easter festival.
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Birth & Death in Orthodoxy (Part 2)
Katherine Clark explains the practices and sacraments associated with birth in the Greek Orthodox Church.
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Easter Bazaar for Aliki Kindergarten
Once again there will be an Open House at Patricia Clarkson's Aliki home on April 26, 27 and 28 from 10am to 9pm with the proceeds going to the Aliki pre-school.
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The Times They Are A-Changing
Following a complete breakdown in negotiations on Aegean timetables with the shipping companies and authorities, the Southern Aegean Precinct has issued a special decree that the Cyclades will not implement European Summertime (daylight savings) along with the rest of Europe this summer.
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Win an Intensive Greek Language Course
Paros Life, in cooperation with DIKEMES, is offering a competition to win a free place on this year's Greek language programme.
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Property Registration, Municipal Summer Jobs, Thank You from Mary.
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Tour of Paros 2006
Len Rooks is planning a cycling marathon on Paros, covering the same distance as the 2006 Tour de France riders in order to raise money for an animal shelter. He invites other cycling fans to join him as sponsored riders.
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Animal Talk
The new committee of PAWS has now been elected and Nicolas Stephanou, the new President, describes the society's first priorities - both organizational and in lobbying for the enforcement of law 3170. Animal welfare contact information.
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