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Nr. 8 - October 1998  
Election Day
By now we’re sure you all know that Sunday 11th October 1998 is election day on Paros. If you have registered and are eligible to vote, remember that this is an important chance for the Parian permanent inhabitants from EU countries to have their say in local politics.
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What's On in October
Schedule of events – October 1998
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Paros Arts - Half a Stranger in the Land of Light
This month the work of Hans Giesen can be seen at the Hilton Hotel in Athens, where a Dutch week is organised for 15-25 October in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy.
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Mexicans Learn to Dance - Greek Style
International Folk Dance and Music Festival
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Aegean Wildlife Hospital
150 guests gathered at the home of Marilyn and Petros Metaxas for a Charity Night of Classical Music, the proceeds of which went to further the establishment of the Aegean Wildlife Hospital's new home in Kamares.
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Auto Accidents - What Should You Do?
Last month we published the first part in a two-part article on auto accidents. As we did not have space in this issue to print the second part, we plan to include it in the November edition.
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What’s up in the Skies this Autumn
Veronica Laxon explains the constellations that can be seen in Paros’s clear night skies this autumn.
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International Women’s Group
Seems like the summer season hasn’t quite finished with us all yet, and meetings will begin on 7th October rather than in September as originally planned.
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A Simple Yoga Exercise for Back Problems
Oone Giesen gives instructions for an exercise to help alleviate simple forms of pain in your back.
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News Clip: Has Anyone Seen My ‘Balls’?!
Siggi Kohler’s antique Russian cannonballs are stolen from her restaurant in Naoussa.
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Animal Talk
During Stephanie the vet’s visit from “Friends of the Cat” UK a total of 43 cats were treated.
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Liz Westerhof gives a brief introduction to her new column about the tarot and astrology.
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Name Our Pony
Congratulations to Athena Rayburn aged 7 from Drios who chose the name “Apollo” for the Kokou Riding Center foal.
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