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Chief Executive of Medical Services for Paros & Antiparos, John Polyzoides, with his Deputy, Despina Polou
Nr. 77 - Dec.' 04-Jan. '05  
A New Era in Healthcare
Many changes are under way at our local Health Centre (Kentro Ygeias) in Paroikia since John (Apostolos) Polyzoides was appointed the new Chief Executive of Medical Services for Paros and Antiparos.
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What's on in December & January
Schedule of events - December 2004 & January 2005
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Christmas Carol Singing - IWOP Annual Event
The International Women's Organization of Paros will hold their Christmas Carol Service for members, their partners, children and friends, on Sunday 5th December at 7.30pm at the Doctor's House, Krios.
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Dance of Eros & Thanatos
Opening on Monday, 28th November at the Archilochos Hall in Paroikia, is an exhibition of painting and sculpture by British artist Barry Cooper and American artist Cameron Hockenson called "Dance of Love & Death".
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Parian Light Andidoron
The continuation of this exhibition with the participation of 42 artists who live and work on Paros was held at the end of November at the Town Hall (paintings) and at the Apothiki Art Gallery (sculptures).
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Dining Out
Kanales Lounge in Naoussa and some other restaurants and tavernas open this winer.
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Christmas Shopping
Some ideas for original gifts: The Coffeeway Way, Greek-o-File, Ista Interiors, Pat's Collection.
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It's All Greek to Me!
Elsa Sarri does this month's summary of the latest news in the local Greek papers.
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Paros in EuroArt
On October 14th, Mayor Yiannis Rangoussis and the Head of the Cultural Department of the Municipality (DEPA), Manolis Rangoussis, travelled to Oosterbeek in Holland at the invitation of the General Secretary of EuroArt (The European Federation of Artists' Colonies), Dr. Benno Risch, to attend the meeting of mayors from participating towns and cities.
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International Women's Organization of Paros
A guided tour of the Ekatontapyliani Church by Jeffrey Carson, Learning some Greek songs with Nicolas Manesis, Zorba the Greek is this winter's IWOP book club read.
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The Ekatontapyliani Chronology
A chronology of the Church of a Hundred Doors by Jeffrey Carson.
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Rakitzo - November 2004
The first in a series of articles by Souzana Raphael on traditional Greek music and some suggested recordings of Cycladic folk music.
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The Hurdy Gurdy Man
Donovan tells his story of freedom: Just last month Donovan was here on Paros working on the first draft of his biography which will be released next year and which marks his 40th anniversary in music.
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Animal Talk
The bazaar held on November 7th in aid of stray animals was a great success. Animal welfare contact information.
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Odysseus Elytis, Congratulations to Mayor Rangoussis, Paros Newcomers, Ethniki Bank Farewells, BBC World Service, Good Luck Tanya, Winter Shop Hours, Blood Donation.
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