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Roman Imperial copy of a Greek original statue assumed to be of Archilochos in the Louvre, Paris (MA 588).
Nr. 75 - October 2004  
Archilochos, Our Great Poet
A brief introduction to Archilochos by Jeffrey Carson on the occasion of the preliminary symposium to prepare for 2005 - the "Year of Archilochos" and a conference on this subject next autumn.
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What's on in October
Schedule of events - October 2004
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The Power of Mythology
The tales of Greek gods and heroes have been told and retold by people in the west for centuries, first as stories or epic poems like the Odessey and the Iliad and later transforming them into other forms of literature as well as sculpture, paintings and more recently film.
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Giorgos Mouratidis
The second solo exhibition by Giorgos Mouratidis' entitled "Anthropina Monopatia" is being held 25th September to 1st October.
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In Memoriam
Madaleine Perle and Antonis Tsantanis.
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Stone Translucence I
Elizabeth Carson will be having an exhibition of her photographs at the Apothiki Art Gallery from October 1 to October 7.
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Small Blue Planet
"Paros - Life on a Small Blue Planet" was the title of an art exhibition held at Moraitis Winery in Naoussa from the 15th to the 30th of August.
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Art at the Olympic Games
An important art event took place at the last competition of the Olympics - the marathon.
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A Special Friend
Colette Bamboulis writes about the special relationship that developed over many years with her Indian penfriend and about first meeting her when she visited Paros.
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Parian Architectural Heritage
The last two issues of Paros Life have mentioned the important work that some of Paros's artisans have been undertaking to restore some of the most beautiful buildings on the island. In this article, Giorgos Kavallis of Kalligrammon gives us a better appreciation of the Parian and Cycladic architectural heritage.
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Byzantine Paths of Paros
A reception was held at the Lefkes Village Hotel on 10th August, 2004 by Patrick de Maisonneuve and Stelios Ghikas, members of the "Friends of Paros Society" , to present aquarelles and drawings from their forthcoming book "Byzantine Paths of Paros".
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Walking the Path
Ron Plowman first visited Paros in 1980 with his wife Joy. They had travelled to many other parts of Greece, but something about Paros brought them back again and again.
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Lefkes to Marpissa via the Byzantine Road
An extract on the Byzantine Road taken from Jeffrey Carson and James Clark's book "Paros".
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Eco-Tourism in Santorini
Lydia Karra's film: 'The Voice of the Aegean' highlights the problems facing various Aegean islands, including Santorini, and discusses ways of solving them.
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Dining Out
Le Sud in Naoussa is staying open throughout October this year.
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It's All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month's summary of the latest news in the local Greek papers.
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Homeopathic Medicine
Antonis Nomikos, Honourary President of the Association of Friends of Homeopathy, gives an overview of homeopathy in Greece.
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Peter's Computer Corner
PC Pete explains 'spam' (unsolicited commercial email) and what you can do to fight it.
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Keep the Flame Burning
A tribute to the Olympic Games and to the Greek spirit by Silvia Lubitz-Skaramagkas.
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Fire in Butterfly Valley, Tree Give-away, Municipal School of Music, AMEAI Centre, Don't the Flies Make you Crazy?
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Parian Traditions
Well-known Naoussa teachers and members of the Music, Dance & Theatrical Group of Naoussa, Ypapandi Roussou and Lefteris Menegos have written a very unique and special book about the customs and traditions of Paros.
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Animal Talk
Kelli is looking for a home. Animal welfare contact information
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Channel 4 TV Series
Ricochet South, the UK-based TV company and the makers of "No Going Back" and "Supernanny" are making a new documentary series for Channel Four about buying, selling and owning property abroad.
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