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The Olympic Flame on Paros - Photos by Kristel Henauer
Nr. 73 - August 2004  
Let the Games Begin!
The Olympic Flame arrives on Paros, history of the Olympic Truce and how to purchase tickets for the Games.
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What's on in August
Schedule of events - August 2004
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Capoeira Seminars at Magaya Beach
In the first week of August, a 6-day Capoeira show and seminar will be taking place at Magaya Beach in Paroikia.
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Olympus Revisited
Olympus Revisited, an on-going exhibition of art works, opened at the Holland Tunnel Gallery in Paroikia on July 15 and will continue until August 31st.
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Rubens Redux
A lecture by Euphrosyne Doxiades on June 29th at The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts.
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Neva Bergemann & Britt Spillers
On Friday, September 3rd at Aghios Athanasios in Naoussa, local artists Britt Spillers and Neva Bergemann will host an opening reception for their joint exhibition that will run until September 15th.
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Galleries & Exhibitions
Venus Art Gallery, Anezina Gallery, Kavarnis Cafe-Restaurant, Te quiero art Gallery, Kapopoulos Gallery, Fasianos, Venios & Stefanou
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Yria - Art Across the Ages
Stelios Ghikas and Monique Mailloux of Studio Yria work to preserve Paros's history and have beautifully restored an early 20th century merchant's home in Lefkes
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Colours of Yiannis Zikas
Patricia Storace, author of "Dinner with Persephone", describes the work of painter Yiannis Zikas.
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“Parian Light Andidoron” - IPAC Artists in Athens
The exhibition of Parian art which took place in June at the Melina Mercouri Cultural Centre in Athens was a great success.
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Apothiki Art Gallery
A series of exhibitions of artists from Paros and around the world were held last month at the Apothiki Gallery. Additional events will take place during August.
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Ode to Drios
Silvia Lubitz-Skaramagkas describes her "Excursion Around Southern Paros" - an unexpected birthday present.
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Leptos Estates
Leptos Estates introduce a new project on Paros - luxury sea-front villas near the little fishing port of Drios and the chance for you to realize your dream life on a Greek island.
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Gyp Mills, Cristof, Fran6 Roger & Michaela Ruleta
For the second time Michaela, Cristof, Gyp and Fran6 exhibit their works together at the Aghios Athanasios Old School in Naoussa from August 17-30th.
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St. Theoktisti (part ii)
Katherine Clark continues with the second part of the story of St. Theoktisti, Patron Saint of Paros.
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It's All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month's summary of the latest news in the local Greek papers. We are very happy to have Iris contributing to Paros Life - her skills and knowledge will enable us to move another step forward in providing useful and interesting information to the international community.
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Where is Happiness?
A timeless theme: thoughts on this subject by teacher and writer Nissim Amon of the Tao's centre for the art of life management.
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Paros Historic Car Rally
June’s rally was an unqualified success with 60 cars entered, marvellous volunteers, the competitors thoroughly enjoying themselves and feedbackthat it was the best historic rally of the year!
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Parking Cards
Details about the new "parking cards" that have been introduced in Paroikia.
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Need a Cleaner? In a Flash!
Flash was created in order to fill a gap in the market ­ the fact that no organized cleaning service existed on Paros.
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Chess Game with Nigel Short
Nigel Short, one of the top chess players in the world, performed a simultaneous chess exhibition in Paroikia on July 5th.
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Animal Talk
How Joe and Daphne fell in love with Odessa and took her home to America with them. Animal welfare contact information.
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Water Sports
The Australian Olympic sailing team visit Paros, NOP athletes compete in the Optimist Championship and Greek national Windsurfing Championships at Golden Beach.
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Greek Mythology
This month Greece hosts the Summer Olympics in Athens with Phevos Apollo, the God of Light and Music, and Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, as the 2004 Olympic Mascots. The city of Athens is, of course, named after Athena. But who was she?
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