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Nr. 68 - March 2004  
The Paros Public Library
Mary Godfrey visits the library to find out what services are available to Parian residents.
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What’s on in March
Schedule of events - March 2004.
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Record Snowfall
t snowed for real on Valentine's Day - more snow than anyone can remember ever having seen on Paros. (See the snow gallery at for pictures).
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A Star is Born
Anyone who was present at the “Music for a While” concert in December will have been impressed by the beautiful voice of soprano Catherine Bootsman from Victoria in Canada.
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Hellenic International Studies in the Arts
One of the more recent additions to Paros’s ever-richer cultural life is the study abroad programme offered by Hellenic International Studies in the Arts (HISA).
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Paros Summer Music Festival
Unfortunately the funding for the 2004 season is not sufficient to hold the festival this year. A letter from founder Nancy Goldenberg.
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It’s All Greek to Me - Part 1
An introduction to the remaining three local papers: 'Pariani Enimerosi', 'Politis tis Parou' and 'Parianos Typos'.
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It's All Greek to Me - Part 2
A summary of the latest news in the local Greek papers.
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Eastern & Western Christians - Differences & Similarities
In North America and Western Europe, Catholicism and Protestantism are the dominant forms of Christianity. Katherine Clark examines the divisions among the Christian churches.
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Letter to the Mayor
Mayor Rangoussis answers questions sent in by Paros Life readers over the past year.
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O.T.E. Phone Call Discounts
Don't miss the special discounts from OTE on international, domestic and mobile numbers.
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Winter Tales
The final part of Liz Westerhof's tale of the "Ugly Duckling".
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British Expats Wanted
Ricochet South are looking for people to take part in their new documentary about problems that can beset Brits buying and living abroad. They are also looking for a presenter.
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Don’t Complain, Vote!
A reminder that although EU citizens resident on Paros cannot vote in the General Elections, they can vote in Municipal Elections. The registration process is very simple, so sign up now.
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Roadworks in Paroikia, Ioanna at the Post Office, Virtual Parthenon Frieze, Donation Bank Account Numbers.
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Animal Talk
Our vet, Antonis Lambrou, informs us that there is currently an epidemic of feline enteritis (also known as panleukopenia, cat typhoid, feline distemper or cat fever) on the island. The story of Luna and animal welfare contact information.
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