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Nr. 63 - September 2003  
Parallel Worlds
The name of a recent NET TV documentary "Parallel Worlds" seems to capture the essence of the inspirational work being done by marine biologist and oceanographer Peter Nicolaides and his partner, environmentalist Kerstin Lingk.
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What’s on in September
Schedule of events - September 2003.
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Encounter with Mars
Mars, in case you didn’t already know, is currently closer to Earth than it has been in 60,000 years!
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In Memory of Catrine Basil
A memorial service is held in Germanika, Paroikia following the tragic death of 17-year-old Catrine Basil.
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Paros Arts
Aghios Athanassios (Aristides Varrias, Frèdèric Bootz, Andree Schulz Walgenbach and C.P. Seibt), Natasa Biza-Georgakaki, Holland Tunnel, Yiannis Dendrinos, Anezina Gallery, Metaxas Gallery, Paros Summer Music Festival (Lana Lee, Irene Orda), A Review of Oxana Archaeva, Vlad Weverbergh & Nancy Goldenberg.
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Paros Summer Music Festival 2004
The Paros Summer Music Festival is sponsoring a competition for the creation of the 2004 poster for the music festival. The festival also needs sponsors for next year.
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Spira Pottery Workshop
Marousso Maouni creates beautiful ceramics in her pottery workshop in Krotiri, overlooking the Bay of Paroikia.
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Poet's Corner
September Sun by Nigel Mowat-Napier.
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Letters to the Editor
Aristophanes' "The Frogs".
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Dining Out
Kostas Taverna, Bakiri Restaurant, Stillwaters.
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Autumn Flea Market
Following last year’s successful Autumn Flea Market, this fundraising event will run again this year.
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Windsurfing Euro-Cup
September 2-8, the Sun Wind Surf Club on Golden Beach will host the Windsurfing Euro-Cup, considered by some to be the most important windsurfing competition series in Europe.
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The Here and Now. What is Gestalt Therapy?
Charlotte Carlin is running a gestalt therapy workshop on Paros from September 26-28th. In this article she explains the theory behind the therapy.
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Sifneos Proposal: Ideas and Suggestions for a Better Paros
Jim Clark summarizes the proposal submitted by physiotherapist Dimitris Sifneos to the Municipality of Paros.
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Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Training
Calypso Anoussaki (Head Nurse) and Panagiotis Michalatos (Ambulance Driver) at the Paros Health Centre thank the anonymous donors who enabled them to attend this life-saving course.
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New Planes, Municipal Library, Naoussa Bridge, British TV Documentary.
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Special Visitors 2003
For the third year Paros hosted a visit by a group of nine residents from the Camphill Organization in the UK aged between 15 and 70.
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Peter's Computer Corner
Peter Schindelasch (PC Pete) with some tips about the 'Blaster' worm.
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Animal Talk
Winston Churchill, strays & abandoned puppies, animal welfare contact information.
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Visiting an Orthodox Church (What do I do?)
You may want one day to visit one of the thousands of Orthodox churches on Paros. You will be glad if you do. They offer even non-religious people a refuge from hyperactivity, a haven of serenity and beauty.
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