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Nr. 58 - April 2003  
Earth Day
At a time when our world is shaken by the horror of war in Iraq, we take a look at the efforts of another “coalition of the willing” - the Earth Day Network - which includes more than 5,000 organizations in 184 countries.
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What’s on in April
Schedule of events - April 2003.
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Carnival Fun
Despite the horrible weather conditions in February and March, most Carnival celebrations went ahead as planned.
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Compulsory Safety Training
All business owners in Greece with employees are required to attend a compulsory seminar in safety and security.
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Paros Arts
Art Café Exhibitions, IPAC, Aliki Art Workshop, Japanese Modern Dance, Paros Classical Music Festival.
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Poet's Corner
Paros by Stephen Simonson.
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Ultra-Speed Travel
The famous Swedish shipping company, Loof-Lirpa, have obtained a license to run a pilot project in the Cyclades from April 1st.
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Letters to the Editor
Vassilis Giakoumis, Thank You from Mary & Tanya Godfrey, letters from around the world about February's storms.
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Pure Electricity!
Using photovoltaic technology in our own homes.
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Solar & Wind Power
Lornie Caplan writes about the use, advantages and disadvantages of solar and wind power.
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Deutsche Ecke (German Corner)
The German Contact & Information Centre has produced a brochure with useful addresses about life in Greece.
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Discount Phone Calls
Substantial savings are available on telephone calls from a number of different telecommunications providers now operating in Greece, using your existing OTE line.
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Citizens’ Service Centre (K.E.P.)
A helpful and very friendly team of people are available to assist you in negotiating Greek bureaucracy at the newly-opened Citizens’ Service Center (Kentro Exipiretisis Politon) or K.E.P.
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Advertising Feature
Artemis Gift Shop in Paroikia.
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International Women's Organization of Paros: Books by Derek Peters.
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Owl’s Avenue
Congratulations to Monique Mailloux who solved February's riddle.
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Animal Talk
Kala-azar, subscriptions to PAWS are due and animal welfare contact information.
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Aid to Iraq, Flood Damage, EKAB Helicopters.
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