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Nr. 56 - February 2003  
Nea Dimotiki Arhi
Our new Mayor and Municipal Council took office on 1st January 2003. We discuss with Giannis Rangoussis some of the suggestions and ideas put forward by the foreign community as to how we can better understand the issues that affect our daily lives on Paros.
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What’s on in February
Schedule of events - February 2003.
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Municipal Library
Jean Lane-Polyzoides writes about the official opening of the Paros Library.
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Paros Arts
The Naoussa Theatre Group present the children's play "Mormolis". Art Cafe Exhibition.
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February Eco Tip
Nehama Weininger tells us how to reduce the use of harsh chemicals and make your own eco-friendly household cleansers.
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Advertising Features
Kerino - Paroikia, Fisilanis Restaurant - Logaras, ANEF - Paroikia.
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Your OTE Telephone Bill
An explanation on how to read the new format OTE telephone bill.
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Tarot-Astro Column
Creative use of the Tarot by Liz Westerhof.
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Molos Harbour
An update on the plans for the trade harbour to be built at Molos.
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Poet's Corner
Abandoned Almond Trees by Jeffrey Carson.
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International Women's Organization of Paros: Jean Lane-Polyzoides describes the successful Christmas carol singing evening held in December as well as other recent IWOP events.
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Well Done DEH (and our local electrician)
Kay Siddons is impressed with the response she received from the DEH faults service when their house lost electrical power after a storm.
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Animal Talk
Sadly there seems to be a lot of poisoning going on on the island at the moment. A list of common poisons, symptoms and treatment from our vet. PAWS dates to remember and animal welfare contact information.
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Owl's Avenue, Chess Competition, UK Auto Insurance, Kaloriziko, Airport News, Artists' Rendezvous, Paros Didrachm.
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