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Nr. 54 - November 2002  
A New Mayor for Paros
The elections are finally over and Giannis Rangoussis is voted in as our new Mayor to take office on 1st January 2003. A breakdown of the votes and a short message from our new Mayor.
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What’s on in November
Schedule of events - November 2002.
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November Eco Tip
Nehama Weininger gives us some useful advice on how to save paper.
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Centre for People with Special Needs/Abilities
Silvia Lubitz-Skaramagkas attends the official opening and consecration of the AMEAI Centre in Naoussa.
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Air Ambulance
Giannis Rangoussis organizes a visit from the Santorini air ambulance and starts the process to obtain the same service for Paros.
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International Women's Organization of Paros: Elsa Sarri writes about the Dutch traditions for celebrating St. Nicholas. Jean Polyzoides gives us some news on IWOP plans for this winter.
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Letters to the Editor
Markus Groh writes about the airline timetables, Terry & Joy Walsh ask for advice about moving to Paros and David Atkins wonders why the Parosweb Bulletin Board is so quiet.
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The Paros Sanctuary - Valley of the Butterflies
Phillada Lecomte is now running the centre at Butterfly Valley and is interested to organize workshops for next spring and summer.
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Inside Out or Outside In?
Michael Shepherd writes about his and his wife Karin's experience of giving up the "rat-race" to live a simpler life.
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Poet's Corner
Garlic Love by Nigel Mowat-Napier.
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Telephone Number Changes
The next phase of Greece's National Numbering Plan goes into effect on 3rd November.
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Animal Talk
Brian White describes his "holiday romance" with Scamp, a home is needed for Briony, and animal welfare contact information.
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Well Done Trudy & Bob!
Thanks to Trudy and Bob's hard work, and the support of our advertisers, your winter copies of Paros Life will contain 12 pages for the first time ever!
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BBC World Service
The new frequencies for the winter months.
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If there is no continuing interest in the PEGASUS bartering system, then operation will be suspended until a new volunteer coordinator is found.
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Tarot-Astro Column
The Suit of Swords.
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