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Nr. 53 - October 2002  
And Then There Were Three ...
Information about the Municipal Elections which will take place on 13th October and a message from each of the three candidates (one has withdrawn) to the foreign community.
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What's on in October
Schedule of events - October 2002.
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Therapeutic Herbs & Oils
Uses for Hyperikeleo (Spatholado) and Rosemary (Dentrolivano).
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Paros Agricultural Union Cheese Factory
Mr Panagiotis Apostolopoulos, the food chemistry expert at the Agricultural Union of Paros, gave me a guided tour of the cheese production department last month. There is a department for wine too, but I was there to learn about how all the different kinds of cheese - Graviera Parou, Levkotiri (Feta), Skliro Tiri (like Kefalotiri), Xinomizithra, Sweet Mizithra and yoghurt - are produced.
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October Eco Tip
Nehama Weininger gives us some useful advice on how to keep our cars "green".
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Olympic Games Volunteer Programme
60,000 volunteers are needed to assist at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.
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Fire! Fire!
Two major fires broke out on Paros towards the end of September, requiring the Canadair firefighting plans to be summoned from Athens.
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International Women's Organization of Paros: Autumn Flea Market, Halloween Party, Christmas celebrations and video.
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The Foreign Women’s Network
The FWN is a non-profit organisation committed to supporting foreign women in Greece.
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Kostas Argouzis
Profile of Mayoral candidate Kostas Argouzis.
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Stylianos Bizas
Profile of Mayoral candidate Stylianos Bizas.
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Letters to the Editor
Blondie Vucich from Colorado writes about some of Paros' stray animals and Rosemarie Lubitz thanks a good samaritan for his help.
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Health Centre Staff, Home Care, Chess Club, Cycling, Garbage Saga, Municipal Kindergarten, Desalination Plant.
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What I Love About Living on Paros
Lornie Caplan on the many pleasures and joys of living on the island.
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Building our Home in Paros (by Telephone!)
Jean Lane-Polyzoides describes the process of choosing a piece of land and following the building of their island home - mostly over the telephone!
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Personally Speaking - How I Came to Paros
Martin Gibson from Bristol in the UK explains how he and his family first came to Paros.
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Animal Talk
Putting animals to sleep, sterilization, homes found for Nellie and Teddy, collection tins, Sandy is looking for a home, and animal welfare contact information.
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Tarot-Astro Column
The Suit of Cups.
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