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Nr. 4 - June 1998  
Lefkes Hosts Fabulous ‘Global Party’
When Dirk Drijbooms and Hilde Van Lindt decided to get married after ‘20 years of true friendship’ , they chose New York, Paros and Belgium for a truly global celebration.
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What's On in June
Schedule of events – June 1998
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Drios Festival
The Drios Festival (Panagiri) took place on 8th May. It was very well attended and the organisers should be congratulated on their hard work in making the occasion so enjoyable.
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Second Annual Mountain Bike Cup Race
The weekend of June 6-7 marks the second annual MTB cup for the island of Paros recognized by the Greek Cycling Federation.
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Advertising Feature
Norio’s Asclipios Restaurant in Paroikia.
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October Municipal Elections
In October there will be municipal elections held which will affect the way in which Paros is governed locally. One of the Mayoral Candidates, Dr. Antonis Arkas provides a press release.
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Paros International Women’s Group
During May, the women’s group had the opportunity learn more about women’s sexuality and about fire & safety. Next month, the group has the services of a babysitter so that women with small children can attend.
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Aegean Wildlife Hospital
Patient of the Month: Allen's Gallinule – a beautiful bird from Central Africa finds its way to Paros and is taken home by Marios once she has recovered. Benefit dinner on April 27th at the Asclipios Restaurant.
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All-Purpose Organic Safe-to-Use Insect Spray
How to make an organic insect spray from garlic, onion, pepper and water.
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“The Foreigner“ invites you to a 60’s Glittering Starlight Party at the spectacular Lefkes Village Hotel.
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Poet's Corner
Tomorrow I Go by Dino Spahillari.
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New Passports For British Children
The British Embassy wishes to inform all British passport holders that, with effect from October 5, 1998, children who would normally be eligible for inclusion in their parents' passports will be required to hold their own passports.
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Driving Licenses
Information about driving licenses from the American and British Embassies in Athens.
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Residency Permits for E.U. Citizens
Residency permits (issued for 6 months in the first instance, then renewed for a 5-year period) can be obtained on Paros at the Police Station in Parikia.
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