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Nr. 39 - July 2001  
Insistence on Beauty
"To marvel is the beginning of knowledge and when we cease to marvel we are in danger of ceasing to know." This ancient Greek quotation will be familiar to anyone who has ever received an email from John Pack, Director of the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Paroikia.
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What's On in July
Schedule of Events - July 2001
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Municipal Library
One of the most recent and interesting projects currently under way on the island is the establishment of a Municipal Library which will be located in the Dimitracopoulos Building in the centre of Paroikia.
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Paros Arts
Michael Brady, Dechteres Lazidis, Hans Giesen, Maria Obdulia Lopez-Henriquez, Irini Scaramanga & Vake Alki, Jacques Fleureaux, Micheal Meleady & Eduard van Giel, Summer Fine Arts Collection, Holland Tunnel Paros, Paros Classical Music Festival - Frederick Weldy, Opera Aegean, Summer Jazz
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Poet's Corner
"The Lapped Waterline" by Rory Brennan from his anthology "The Wind Messages".
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Hotels in Rafina
As we’ve received quite a few requests about information on hotels in Rafina, here are some details in case you want to consider Rafina (only 2.5 hrs from Paros on the High Speed ferry and much closer to the new Spata airport) as an alternative to Pireaus.
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Road Safety
Reminders from the Municipality of Paros for a safe holiday.
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Advertising Features
Maracaibo - Paroikia, Il Mare - Aliki, M. Megas (Introductory Stock Exchange Firm).
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Athens Stock Market Outlook
A report from M. Megas Introductory Stock Exchange Firm for the week ending June 15th, 2001.
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Wild Flowers of Paros
Hemlock - a fascinating but highly poisonous plant.
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Centre for Environmental Studies
The Municipality of Paros has proposed to the Ministry of Education to establish on Paros a Centre for Environmental Studies for all the Cyclades.
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And Now For Something Completely Different
The Sun Wind Surf Club is proud to host a leg of the Rip Curl Kiteboard Pro World Tour 2001 on Paros' Golden Beach from July 7-14. Kitesurfing as a new competitive event is full of speed, action and technical manoeuvring that make it visually one of the most exciting sports on the water today.
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Kitesurfing Safety
Essential safety guidelines for spectators and kitesurfers.
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Animal Talk
Bingo's Story - the tale of a successfully rehomed puppy to Switzerland. PAWS Bazaar report and July 4th extravaganza.
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Tourist Police, Paros Life Website, The Foreigner/Paros Life Name, Subscriptions, DIKEMES, Special Interest Holidays in Corfu.
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Tarot-Astro Column
Card 10 - The Wheel of Fortune.
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