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Nr. 20 - October 1999  
Launch of the ‘Friends of the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Sculptures’
This event was hosted by the Chairman of the new Committee, Dr.John Polyzoides, at his home in Krios on 18-19th September.
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What's On in October
Schedule of events – October 1999
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Poet’s Corner
Greek Myths by Nigel Mowat-Napier
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Look Out For...
The Hoopoe (Tsalapetinos in Greek) is a beautiful insectivor which creates its nest by digging a hole in a tree trunk. Around 28cm in length, coloured black, white and brown, it is characterised by its long-feathered crest which it can raise at will.
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Wild Flowers of Paros
The Cyclamen Hederifolium by Anna from Holland.
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Subscriptions Note, Extra Schooling.
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International Women’s Group
Our meetings during September covered discussions on what we can do to help support the public health center on the island, the possibility of setting up a book-exchange/library, as well as creating the schedule of the topics and activities for our winter programme and planning a trip to Santorini to meet the International Women’s Group there.
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What to do in Case of an Earthquake
After the tremendous shock of September’s 5.9 earthquake in Athens, we thought it would be appropriate to ensure that everyone knows the standard safety procedures in case of earth tremors, since the most effective way to survive an earthquake is to be prepared and oriented.
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Animal Talk
Now the summer season is over, Paros slowly closes its doors to the tourists, and summer residents both Greek and foreign leave for the winter. This is when the welfare of all the stray cats and dogs falls into the hands of the remaining few animal carers on Paros. Facts and myths about sterlization and animal welfare contact information.
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Kathy’s Kitchen
Meatballs I (Keftedes)
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Tarot-Astro Column
Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22).
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Your wedding - such a very special event in your life - can be made even more memorable and truly unique by marrying here on the beautiful Cycladic Island of Paros! In this special supplement, The Foreigner aims to give you the information you need and details of the services available to assist you in the organization of your wedding and honeymoon.
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