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Nr. 19 - September 1999  
Attention Chess Players!
On the weekend of 18/19th September, at the home of Jean and John Polyzoides in Krios, there will be a very special event to launch the Association of the Friends of the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Sculptures.
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What's On in September
Schedule of events – September 1999
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Paros Arts
Nikos Sinodis exhibition at the Gallery Naoussa, Micheal Meleady exhibition at Zin Zins, Irini Sklavounou, Jim Thomas, Marrietta Petropoulou and Beatriz Tillack exhibition at Porto Paros.
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Poet’s Corner
Stereo-type English Tourist by Nigel Mowat-Napier
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Elysium String Quartet
On September 4th at 9.00pm, the Elysium String Quartet will be in concert at the Convention Centre of the Porto Paros Hotel (tel. 52010), where they will perform works of Mozart, Schubert, Wagner and Barber, accompanied by the world famous clarinet soloists Stanley and Naomi Drucker.
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Famous Faces on Paros
In addition to the Elysium String Quartet and the well-known personalities expected to attend the events on the weekend of 18/19th September, Paros has had a number of celebrities visiting our shores during recent months.
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Island Wines
Paros wines are so good that David & Heather Meredith import them to the UK. Their story of how they first found the Moraitis winery and how they promote Greek wines in England.
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A Ride on the ‘Love Boat’
It was July, a bright moon looked benevolently down on the first moonlight cruise of the season for the Aphrodite Express.
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Thank you from Tanya, Mary & Colin Godfrey. Hellenic Star Airline starts a new air service to Paros.
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Shiatsu is a bodywork which aims to prevent or combat pain and illness and promote general good health. The method has its roots in Japan and China more than 1000 years ago, and is still integrated into daily life for relaxation and for healing body and spirit in these and many other eastern countries.
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Yoga Classes Resume
Oona Giesen announces that yoga classes will start again now that she is back on Paros after recovering from a serious car accident.
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Reiki - Healing & Harmony through the Hands
Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘universal life energy; the divine life-giving force’. The system was named by Japanese theologist, Mr. Mikao Usui, who, after many years research into the writings of the disciples of Gautama Buddha, discovered the long forgotten art of healing by transferring universal life energy.
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Wild Flowers of Paros
The “Echinops” by Anna from Holland.
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The Mediterranean Garden Society
The Mediterranean Garden Society is a non-profit-making association which acts as a forum for those with a special interest in the plants and gardens in the region. There are many aspects to Mediterranean gardening, but we all have to cope with broadly similar conditions; not least of which is the climate.
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International Women’s Group
Now that the intense heat, crowds, short tempers, impossible demands and general chaos of August is behind us, the International Women’s Group of Paros will start meeting again.
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Personally Speaking
One Wednesday at a meeting of the International Women’s Group, we discussed the topic of ‘Mothers and Daughters’. I can only speak as a daughter, but during the process of unsuccessfully trying to also become a mother, I read several books which helped solve mother/daughter disagreements both large and small.
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Animal Talk
First aid for animals, vet visit this month, Greek law on protection of animals, adoption corner and animal welfare contact information.
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Kathy’s Kitchen
Octopus with Macaroni (oktapodi me makaroni kofto).
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Tarot-Astro Column
Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)
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