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Farmer's Market on the river road, Naoussa, Paros.
Nr. 151 - Autumn (October/November/December) 2012  
Love for the Land: Young Farmers Lead the Way
On 27 October 2012, the Paros Rotary Club invited local farmer Arsenis Loukis to speak about his work at their annual event to honour a citizen on the island for his or her contribution to the community. Loukis’ work has received a lot of attention over recent months; he has built up a sizeable organic farming business in just a few short years and was the first farmer on Paros to receive DIO (Inspection & Certification of Organic Products Agency)  certification, for his organic extra virgin olive oil in 2011.
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What's On PAROS & ANTIPAROS - Autumn 2012
Schedule of events – AUTUMN (October-November-December) 2012 for PAROS & ANTIPAROS.
Paros Life & Naxos Life - What's On
Ongoing Activities
Kids Ongoing Activities
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What's On NAXOS & AMORGOS - Autumn 2012
Schedule of events – AUTUMN (October-November-December) 2012 for NAXOS, MINOR CYCLADES & AMORGOS

Paros Life & Naxos Life - What's On Naxos & Minor Cyclades
Paros Life & Naxos Life - What's On Amorgos
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Editor's Note
I’d like to start out by saying how much I appreciate the calls and emails of support that I have received over the last several months as I have been struggling to get the financial wherewithal to produce the final issue of 2012, much delayed as a result.  
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Le Monument des Français
For some years Parian part-time resident Alain Desauvage has been sounding the alarm about the state of the monument commemorating the loss of the French warship 'le Superbe' off Paroikia in 1833, seemingly to no avail. This summer, however, work finally began on its restoration.
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The Bee Catastrophe
Paros in ancient times was known as Yria, mellisotopos, a place of honeybees, and an abundance of pollen. Sadly, this aspect of the island’s identity is undergoing a dramatic transformation as hundreds of beehives have been lost this year to chemical poisoning.

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Remembering Sam
The island of Paros to twenty-one-year-old Samantha Hale was almost like a second home. This sentiment is not unusual for many of the students from the Indiana University School of Informatics (IUPUI) in the USA who have participated in the annual study abroad course called “Digitizing Cultural Heritage, Paros”.
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A Local Hero
The cold-blooded murder of 53-year-old taxi driver Dimitris Mihas on the morning of 10 August 2012 at 8.20am during the course of an armed bank robbery at the Alpha Bank in Naoussa left Parians reeling in shock.
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Farewell Paraskevas
I was shocked to hear of the death of Paraskevas Bastas of Koukoutsi Café in Paroikia on 2 September 2012.
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Prayers for Myrto
Yet another tragic event this summer was the vicious assault on a young girl, Myrto Papadomihelaki, that took place in July close to New Golden Beach on Paros.
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Animal Talk: PAWS News
News from the Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).
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Animal Talk: NAWS News
News from the Naxos Animal Welfare Society (NAWS).
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Animal Talk: Feathers
Have you ever been awestruck, dazzled and amazed to see what looks like a small dark-brown hawk-like bird standing still in mid-air during a howling 8-10 Beaufort wind? If so, it is most likely Eleonora’s falcon (Falco eleonorae), one of the last bird species to be discovered by science and considered to be one of the most important birds in Greece.
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Paronaxia Arts: Sacred / Wild
Jun-Pierre Shiozawa Sacred / Wild Aegean Center Studios 10-18 August 2012 A Review by Jeffrey Carson
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Paronaxia Arts: European Passages
In 2010 IPAC, the International Paros Art Circle, in cooperation with artists from Kobalt Art International Hamburg, started a creative process on Paros with an exhibition at the Apothiki Art Center in Paroikia.
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Paronaxia Arts: Gisèle D'Ailly 100 Years!
Gisèle d’Ailly, the Dutch painter who came to live and work on Paros in 1963, recently celebrated her 100th birthday!
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Nike Prevails on Syros
More than six years after Greek authorities raided Marion True's house in Glyssidia, Paros, looking for stolen antiquities, she is finally acquitted of all charges in the courts of Syros on 11 October 2012.
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George & Tammy
It is becoming popular for foreign couples to get married in the archipelago. But it has always been popular, however unpublicised, for people to meet on our beautiful island and follow through elsewhere.
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Dining Out: Coffee Time - Logaras, PAROS
When is a café not a café?  When it’s coffee time!
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Do NOT eat this fish !
In recent months, a few of the highly toxic puffer fish Lagocephalus sceleratus have been found in waters around Paros; one caught in Alyki in September measured 45cm in length. This poisonous fish contains a potent neurotoxin which can be fatal if consumed.
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It's all Greek to me - Naxos
A summary of the main stories recently published in the local Greek papers.
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It's all Greek to me - Paros
A summary of the main stories recently published in the local Greek papers.
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Other Local News
The Amazing Women of Ariis, Services Come... Services Go, Car & BIke Tax 2013, Paros Historical Archive, Marmara Library.
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Important! Pharmacies & Medication
Changes to the prescription procedures, shortages of medications in Greece and the installation of bins for the proper disposal of medicines.
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Books: The Journey of Women After 40
Liana Kallierou-Xylas’ book Journey of Women After 40 is a psychological journey in the life of every woman, as well as a compass pointing to the future.
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Books: Parian Chronicles
PARIAN CHRONICLES: Foreign Affairs with a Greek Island From four continents comes this collection of personal stories by foreign residents who came to live on Paros between the 1960s and the 1980s.
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Books: Paros Poems
Paros Poems by Julia Robinson. Looking into a Greek island’s influence through the eyes of a modern day psyche, this book of poems sensitively examines the issues faced by the author on the island of Paros, delving into the soul of the matter of living.
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Arizona in the Aegean
The University of Arizona Study Abroad programme ‘Arizona in the Aegean’ with its focus on Mediterranean craft technologies and environmental strategies from past and present, finds its natural home on the island of Paros.
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Sports: We are the Champions!
So very many ambitious and successful sporting events have taken lately on Paros and Naxos, that there simply isn’t space to do justice to each one of them and, in any case, the results and a host of photographs have already been posted on many local blogs and facebook pages. Here is one in-depth report on one event – the 2nd Naxos Duathlon in October
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Montessori on Paros (in spite of the ‘crisis’)
Featured this month by Repo(we)r Greece, Paros's Montessori class has now been running for a little over a year with children from all different backgrounds, languages and cultures attending.
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Η Kαταστροφή των Mελισσών
Translation of "The Bee Catastrophe" into Greek by Christine Alipranti.
Τα παλιά τα χρόνια η Πάρος ήταν γνωστή σαν Υρία, μελισσότοπος, ένα μέρος γεμάτο μέλισσες και με άφθονη γύρη. Δυστυχώς όμως αυτή η πτυχή της ταυτότητας του νησιού υφίσταται μια δραματική μεταλλαγή, αφού έχουν χαθεί φέτος εκατοντάδες μέλισσες εξ αιτίας χημικής δηλητηρίασης.

ENGLISH version here.
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