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Photograph by Denis Lecat taken from Aghios Antonios Monastery, Marpissa
Nr. 147 - Autumn (October/November/December) 2011  
Friends of Paros Annual Event and Awards
This year's FoP annual event and fund-raising dinner took place on 11 August at the Swiss Home Hotel near Naoussa. Distinctions were awarded to the publications Paros Life and Ta Pariana for their contributions to the cultural life of the island.
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What's On PAROS & ANTIPAROS - Autumn 2011
Schedule of events – AUTUMN (October-November-December) 2011 for PAROS & ANTIPAROS.
Check the Paros Life & Naxos Life group on Facebook, Parosweb Community Events and local paper ‘Foni tis Parou’ for regular news and status updates.
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What's On NAXOS & AMORGOS - Autumn 2011
Schedule of events – AUTUMN (October-November-December) 2011 for NAXOS & MINOR CYCLADES and AMORGOS
Check the Paros Life & Naxos Life group on Facebook and Parosweb Community Events for regular news and status updates.

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Editor's Note
It’s been a tough year in Greece so far for many of us and with so much financial uncertainty, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to plan for the future. There is still quite a large sum of outstanding advertising revenue to be collected, but even if it is all paid, it’s already clear that the Paros Life & Naxos Life year-end accounts will show a loss for the second consecutive year.
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Letters to the Editor
Letters: - Local Farmers. - Theft Alert in Piraeus.
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Time to Relax
Paros Women’s Association ‘Ariis’ Trip 3-6 November 2011 to the Platystomou Spa - Karpenisi - Proussos Monastery
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Property Tax
There has been much discussion and opposition to the introduction of the new property tax to be collected via electricity (DEH) bills.
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Car / Bike Tax
Don’t forget that the expiration date to obtain the vehicle tax sticker (eidiko sima) for 2012 is 31/12/2011.
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Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year on Naxos about 60 people including tourists, ex-pats and local Greeks came out on Sunday, 2 October to show their support for those who are suffering from breast cancer.
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Trageia Valley, Naxos
Ianthe Sarah Bensen poem about the Trageia Valley.
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Within the framework of the programme ‘Local Communities & Monuments’ and in collaboration with the Municipality of Naxos and the Small Cyclades, MOnuMENTA organised the event ‘Pretty village harshly deformed’ on 28 August at the traditional settlement of Filoti.
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Paros 2020: A Vision for the Future
Last year, just before the 2010 municipal elections, a group of local associations led by the Friends of Paros (FoP) and the local committee of the Hellenic Society organised a public debate with all the mayoral candidates. It was considered a breakthrough for Paros politics as the candidates were asked to respond to a wide range of questions about the future. It also became clear that isolated and short-term actions won’t take us anywhere and, above all, that there is no shared vision for the future of Paros.
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Animal Talk - PAWS News
News from the Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).
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Animal Talk - NAWS News
News from the Naxos Animal Welfare Society (NAWS).
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Free Trees
Every year the ‘Dasarchio’ (Greek government forestry department) give away about twenty different kinds of trees completely free of charge in order to encourage reforestation on the islands.
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Paronaxia Arts: Capella Romana
On 5 and 6 September, Paros was host to the Capella Romana, a magnificent Byzantine choir from Portland, Oregon, for two beautiful concerts of Byzantine sacred music.
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Paronaxia Arts: Paros International Jazz Academy
The first International Jazz Academy held on Paros from 7-13 July under the artistic direction of Marc Buronfosse – bass player and teacher at the Conservatoire National de Région of Paris – was a great success.
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Paronaxia Arts: Optiko-Poiisi
Municipal Art Workshop - Visual Poetry course
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Paronaxia Arts: Apothiki Art Center
Artists in Residence at the Apothiki Art Center, Paroikia in October and November, plus a report on the Apothiki and Paros being represented at international art events in Barcelona, Boston and Hungary.
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Bird Show in Paroikia
On 10 September 2011, a circus performer in Switzerland who lives part of the year in the Kastro offered a bird show to the children of Paroikia.
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Giorgos Mavris 1944-2011
Giorgos Mavris, owner of the well-known Minimarket in Paroikia’s main shopping street, died 20 March this year at the age of 67.
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Chris (Fixit) Craig 1957 - 2011
We were deeply sorry to hear that our friend Chris Craig (Computer Chris as we called him) has died so prematurely.
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Recent Press Releases
Recent press releases from the Paros Municipality, KDEPAP Paros Municipal Cultural Society, Municipal Committee for Tourism Development, Kostas Bizas - Regional Councilor of the South Aegean, Trade & Business Association of Paros & Antiparos, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Municipality of Naxos & Minor Cyclades, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, Syriza, MP Yiannis Vroutsis (ND), Regional Authority of the South Aegean, Nikos Chrysogelos, Ecological Wind, Cyclades Chamber of Commerce & Industry
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It's All Greek to Me - Naxos
A summary of the main stories recently published in the local Greek papers.
Summaries of news stories appearing in the local press are also posted regularly between quarterly printed issues at
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It's All Greek to Me - Paros
A summary of the main stories recently published in the local Greek papers. A column in English is included each week in local paper Foni tis Parou and summaries of news stories appearing in Foni and other local press are also posted regularly between quarterly printed issues at
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Books: To fengari esvise stin Alexandria
Apostolos (John) Polyzoides’ book – the title means “The moon set/was extinguished in Alexandria” – centers on the city of Alexandria in Egypt and was published by Kedros in July 2011, quickly becoming a best seller in Greece.
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Paros Library
Newsletter for the months of June - July - August.
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What’s so special about Paros & Antiparos?
...sharing our experience in words and pictures...
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Sports Events
Cyclades Football, Apollonios Dromos, 2nd Paros Triathlon.
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Montessori on Paros
A Montessori class has opened in Naoussa, Paros, run in English with a Greek-speaking assistant, allowing local pre-school children to naturally and easily absorb English as a second language and English-speaking children from other countries to join the class and continue their Montessori education exactly where they left off in their home countries.
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The Aegean Center Vocal Ensemble Christmas Concerts
The Aegean Center Vocal Ensemble performs a programme of a cappella songs this December on Paros.
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