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Photograph/montage by Robert van der Most
Nr. 143 - December 2010/January 2011  
The Snake and the Mountain
How wonderful it was to have left the ‘Old Smoke’ (London Town) for a while and to be sitting once again on the terrace of my father’s house in Krios, Paros.
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What's on in December and January
Schedule of events in Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Amorgos in December 2010 and January 2011
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Editor's Note
As 2010 draws to a close, the elections are finally over, the results are in (though some are still being contested) and we begin to look forward to 2011 and wonder – with some trepidation, though not entirely without optimism – what the new year will bring.
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Letters to the Editor...
The Athens Marathon, Parokia Ringroad, Hello from Austria!, Things have Changed
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Recent Press Releases
Press releases from the Paros Municipality, the Eparcheio Parou, the Trade & Business Association of Paros & Antiparos, MEP Kriton Arsenis, MP Yiannis Vroutsis, Syriza, the European Parliament Greek Office.
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The Aegean Center Sings
When the new students of the Aegean Center arrive in Paros, they ask how the music department manages to prepare not just one, but two, different concerts for December.
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Reading Dante on Paros
Every September, after another epicurean dinner at the Villa Rospigliosi – a Renaissance villa near Pistoia that is our Tuscan home – we of the Aegean Center usually read Dante’s La Vita Nuova, in which the young poet presents his poems about Beatrice and the circumstances that occasioned them.
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Two Lectures at the Aegean Center
Paros attracts creative persons: many painters, sculptors, photographers and writers are denizens of our island, however invisibly.
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Animal Talk (PAWS)
News from the Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
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Animal Talk (NAWS)
News from the Naxos Animal Welfare Society (NAWS)
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EU Blocks Olympic-Aegean Merger, Athens Public Transport Fare Increase, Women’s Association of Paros, IWOP.
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Charter Night Dinner; Rotary and Art
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Honouring General Karavias
On 23 October a festive ceremony was held to commemorate General Karavias whose statue was unveiled at his birthplace in Mytikas, Aitoloakarnania where he was born in 1899.
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Alison Cadbury (1933-2010)
Alison Cadbury died on 29 October 2010 at her home, surrounded by close friends, after a prolonged illness.
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It's All Greek to Me!
A summary of the main stories recently published in the local Greek papers
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The elections are over, but extremely narrow margins of victory mean that the election results are disputed by runners-up in Paros and Amorgos.
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The Old Man and the Sea
Iakovos Lubsen on sailing in the last unspoilt cruising ground of Europe
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Nautical Club of Paros (NOP) News; AO PAROS Women's Football Team Inaugurated; Athens Classic Marathon; Cyclades Football Tournament Update
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Going Green
The Fruits of the Paros Seed Festival; Permaculture Tips
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A reminder that the expiration date to obtain the vehicle tax sticker (eidiko sima) is 31/12/2010.
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