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Photograph by Frank Tocher.
Nr. 140 - September 2010  
Last call for the fish
Over a century ago, biologist T. H. Huxley, famously known as “Darwin’s bulldog”, stated that the oceans “were an inexhaustible source of food and industrial products for humans to use with confidence.”
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What's on in September
Schedule of events in Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Amorgos, the Minor Cyclades, Syros, Tinos, Santorini, Sifnos in September 2010
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Editor's Note
These are difficult days for Greece and for our islands. Many local businesses have struggled to stay afloat this summer, budgets are being slashed in every sector.
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Letters to the Editor...
Paros Fireworks!, Locked Churches, Is this a Cultural Centre?
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Recent Press Releases
Press releases from MP Yiannis Vroutsis, MEP Kriton Arsenis, Synaspismos, the Trade & Business Association of Paros & Antiparos, the Paros Public Library, the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, the Syn-Kykladiki Initiative
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Animal Talk (PAWS)
News from the Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
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Animal Talk (NAWS)
News from the Naxos Animal Welfare Society (NAWS)
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Paronaxia Arts
STONES, Their secret and their beauty, "About the Sea”, September at the Park, Charcoal and Pencil” Workshop: Rediscover your surroundings, Giorgos Kakoulidis Painting Exhibition, September at the Apothiki Art Center, Mette Rosenvinge Painting Exhibition, Nikos Voulgaris (sculpture) & Brigitte van Laar (painting) Exhibition, "Metapolis” Photography Exhibition.
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Two Evenings of Jazz
Heleen Schuttevaêr Duo Holland Tunnel Gallery and Apothiki Art Center 6 & 8 August 2010
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Samantha Ward and Maciej Raginia Wednesday, 3 August, 8pm Archilochos Hall
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Agnanti – Krios, Paros
It was with great joy I received the news from our distinguished editors that I was once again to dine at that jewel of gastronomic splendour, the Agnanti Hotel.
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Matzourana, Naoussa
If it’s true that three things are equally important in a restaurant – food obviously, service, and the place itself, then Matzourana wins on all counts.
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Paros Rockin’
A partner in crime and I decided last month that we were going to set up a party, seeing that, much to our discontent, there had been barely any ‘special’ events going on recently.
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It's All Greek to Me!
A summary of the main stories recently published in the local Greek papers.
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Engine Fire on Highspeed 1 Ferry
Passengers on the Highspeed 1 ferry on their way from Rafina to Paros on Friday 6 August, were alarmed at the sight of flames leaping out of the ship’s engine room as it travelled between Mykonos and Paros.
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Kallikratis reform promises improved local governance
The Kallikratis reform was officially adopted by the Greek parliament on 7 June following a lengthy round of discussions.
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It’s Your Right to Vote
Local elections will be held throughout Greece on Sunday, 7 November (with a second round on Sunday, 14 November if needed).
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Elections 2010: Interview with Christos Vlachoyiannis
Christos Vlachoyiannis: Mayor of Paros & possible Mayoral Candidate “We need to have a more active, environmentally-conscious body of citizens if environmental policies are to have a real effect on our daily lives.”
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Elections 2010: Interview with Grigoria Protolati
Grigoria Protolati: Eparchos Paros & Antiparos, Mayoral Candidate “The big challenge ahead of us is to turn Greece into a law abiding country, not a country with a multitude of laws, none of which is actually enforced.”
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Elections 2010: Interview with Ilias Koutromichalis
Ilias Kountromichalis: Mayoral Candidate - Paros “Let us leave our differences behind and strive to secure a better future for our island.”
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Elections 2010: Interview with Manolis Glezos
Manolis Glezos: possible Mayoral Candidate ”If some believe I can rise above politics, it is because my whole life has revolved around the right of citizens to participate in the decision-making process.”
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Elections 2010: Interview with Nikos Marianos
Nikos Marianos, Mayoral Candidate – Antiparos “We would like to appeal to citizens of all political beliefs, because we believe that our problems are common and have no particular political colour.”
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Elections 2010: Interview with Yiannis Levendakis
Yiannis Levendakis, Mayoral Candidate – Antiparos “My political party has a track record of political engagement since 2007... so we have a political history, we have fought many battles already. “
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Tango Legend Mimi Santapa returns to Paros
Living tango legend Mimi Santapa will be returning to Paros from 6-12 October.
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Your lifeline in the EU
Wherever you are in the European Union, you can always reach the emergency services on 112, the single European emergency number.
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Awards for the Young Farmers of Paros
Old timers here will remember the beautiful agricultural garden (the Agrokipio) at the southwestern corner of Paroikia’s seafront, where farmers bought their trees, housewives their rosebushes, and a few in the know the grapefruits from the island’s only grapefruit tree.
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Sign up for the 25th Annual International Coastal Cleanup!
In the largest volunteer effort of its kind, and in partnership with organisations and individuals across the globe, Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup engages people to remove trash and debris from the world’s beaches and waterways, identify the sources of debris, and change the behaviours that cause marine debris.
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Sea Level Fluctuations
At the beginning of August the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of Athens University completed its research into the marine area along the Cycladic coastline.
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Seeds for Going Green
Have you ever thought that all the seeds inside the fruits you eat and all the seeds on the shrubs and trees of your garden can become plants, trees, even a forest?
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Nautical Club of Paros (NOP) News, Paros Tennis Tournaments, Triathlon Competitions in Naxos and Paros
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