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Photograph by Stavros Niflis
Nr. 137 - June 2010  
Summer Solstice Festival at the Park!
Summer is here! Days are gradually getting longer, the sun dominates the days, the holiday season is getting into full swing, there is celebration in the air and it’s impossible to resist the exciting anticipation of all that is to come.
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What's on in June
Schedule of events in Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Amorgos, the Minor Cyclades, Syros, Santorini, Koufonissi, in June 2010
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Letters to the Editor...
1. A mosaic in need of protection, 2. Julia news was in bad taste, 3. To smoke or not to smoke, 4. Non-consensual pleasures
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Byzantine roade clutter: before and after
An excavator that had been parked on the Byzantine road for months this spring has been removed from the landmark path.
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Dimitris Karayiannis, 1956-2010, Rest in Peace
Dimitris was born in 1956 in Melissourgi, a village in the prefecture of Arta, near Ioannina in northwestern Greece.
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Paros Health Centre Volunteer Team
The Paros Health Centre Volunteer Team is looking for summer volunteers from the international community to act as support and liaison for foreign patients — typically tourists involved in road accidents.
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Recent Press Releases
Press releases from the Paros Municipality, the Trade & Business Association of Paros & Antiparos, the Council of Parian Associations, the Centre for Business & Technological Development of the South Aegean, the Syn-Kykladiki Initiative, the National Union of Greek Traders, the Nautical Club of Paros (NOP), MP Yiannis Vroutsis (ND), European Ombudsman, Brussels, MEP Kriton Arsenis
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Iowa Writers Still Reliving the Glories of Springtime in Paros
As the mid-western spring turbo-starts here in Iowa City, the staff at the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa cannot help but reminisce about our corresponding, luminous times on Paros.
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Results of First Opinion Poll by Citizens’ Action Group
Menios Apostolidis, who runs Le Bistrot on the paralia in Paroikia and the citizens’ action group The Future in Our Hands, has completed his first opinion poll.
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Changes in the Renewal of U.K. Passports in Greece
Since early 2010, the British Embassy in Athens no longer issues U.K. passports.
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Animal Talk (PAWS)
News from the Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
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Animal Talk (NAWS)
News from the Naxos Animal Welfare Society (NAWS)
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Aegean Center Vocal Ensemble Returns For the Summer Season
The first half of 2010 has brought us a world-wide epidemic, an erupting volcano, a threatening oil spill and frightening financial insecurity. One wonders then what there could be to sing about. This moment seems to call for something other than quaint melodies and sweet love songs.
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“Scopas of Paros”
An archaeological conference on Scopas, a distinguished sculptor of Paros who lived in the fourth century B.C., will take place 11-14 June at Archilochos Hall in Paroikia. Interpretation will be available in Greek and English.
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Cartoonist Ben Nash Trains His Mind’s Eye on Everyday Farce
Among Paros ex-pats one can find just about every profession.
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Finding the Goddess in Paros — and Everywhere 
Those acquainted with Stella Lubsen-Admiraal, who has frequented Paros as often as work allows since the late 1960s, know she is an active archaeologist.
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Tango Legend Doesn’t Just Teach, She Transforms You
In April, tango legend Mimi Santapa honoured us by coming to Paros. It wasn’t just a tango seminar, it was something more.
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Come Paint at the Monastery with IPAC
The International Paros Art Circle invites all who enjoy the creativity of art, children included, to participate in “Painting at the Monastery of Ai-Yiannis Detis,” an art workshop that will be held on 20-23 June.
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Paronaxia Arts
Art Exhibitions and Events: Mario Sacchi to Begin Apothiki Residency in June, Russell Etter Memorial Show Opens on Naxos, Koutsonasios in Naoussa, Stamos in Naoussa, Cycladic Audiovisual Archives “KYKLOS” Presents: Environmental documentaries, Gyp Mills to Exhibit with Donovan in Athens , Russian art exhibit planned for Paros in June 2011
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Deft, friendly waiters and succulent Cretan cuisine await you at Naoussa’s Meltemi
Restaurant review about Meltemi Restaurant, Naoussa.
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Naxos’ new wine bar La Vigne is offering discounts this month on that “Je ne sais quoi”
Restaurant Review about La Vigne, Chora Naxos.
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Granny gives the new Pandrossos menu a thumb’s up, despite her issues with chopsticks
Restaurant Review about the Pandrossos Restaurant, Paroikia.
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It's All Greek to Me!
A summary of the main stories recently published in the local Greek papers.
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Vlachoyiannis speech evokes past, present and future
The dining room of Paroikia’s Pandrossos Hotel was packed on 9 May, when Paros Mayor Christos Vlachoyiannis gave a detailed account of his term in office over the last three years.
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Football Photo Exhibit was First of a Kind; Cyclades Football Tournament Update — With One Round to Go; Rolland Paros Tennis Open!
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Paros Rockin’: A New Nightlife Column
There I stood. A beer in one hand, shirtless, a black bandana with skulls on it — worn more like a Mexican gangster than a pirate — and a gorgeous girl under my left arm. Sometimes I wonder what I do to pull it off, but it seems to work.
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June Features
Anagennisi, Fytotechniki, Tantanis
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New Internet radio station?
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Save on spam! An easy, useful and free solution
Most of us at one time or another find ourselves being asked to give our e-mail address in order to get some information or service.
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World Environment Day —Weekend at the Park's Walking Paths
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The Nicknames of Paros: A Unofficial Guide for the Uninitiated
The use of nicknames, or paratsouklia, dates back to ancient Greece, and they traditionally served the purpose of telling the community something about the personality of the subject.
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