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Nr. 127 - July 2009  
Taking Back the Peninsula
Greeks have a tendency to go with the flow, avoiding any action that requires confrontation and a change of acquired habits. But drastic times calls for drastic measures.
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What's on in July
Schedule of events in Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Amorgos & the Minor Cyclades, and Syros in July 2009
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31st International Guitar Festival in Naxos
The Naxos International Guitar festival is entering its fourth decade, celebrating this year its 31st anniversary.
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Montessori School Project
A big thank you to Dolores Poulis for a most informative slide show last month on the educational materials used in Montessori classrooms and to the Myrsini Educational Centre for hosting the event.
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Summer Cruises
The easyCruise company changed its programme this year, organising shorter cruises in order to respond to the demand and needs of the tourism business.
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Toto the Clown comes to Paros
At the end of each school year the Myrsini Educational Centre in Paroikia organizes an event for students and parents.
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Featuring this month
Istories Gevseon Bakery & Patisserie, 3D Crystalize, Galerie de Beaute, Internews
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Recent Press Releases
Press releases from the Paros Municipality, Commercial Association of Paros & Antiparos, MP Yannis Vroutsis, Paros Elliniki Etairia, Ministry of Mercantile Marine, the Music Dance Group of Naoussa, EU Direct-Ariadne Naxos, Cultural Organisation of Drymalia, Cycladic Chamber of Commerce, AMEAI Centre for People with Special Needs & Abilities.
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The Perfect Day
A very special event for us took place on 28 May 2009 in the form of a civil ceremony performed at the Asteras Paradise Hotel near to Naoussa.
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Those were the days
Once Upon a Time in Paros: Phillada Lecompte talks about her memories of Paros when she first arrived, 40 years ago.
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Animal Talk
News from the Naxos Animal Welfare Society (NAWS) and the Paros Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
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July 1st Smoking Ban
On 1 July 2009 smoking will be banned in all indoor public or private workplaces in Europe’s heaviest smoking nation, yes – Greece!
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The Missing Peace
Seeing our articles last month on hunting in the Greek islands, a reader gave us a copy of this poem to publish.
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Drios auf Paros
Around 35 people attended the presentation of the book “Drios auf Paros” at the Anezina Cafe, Drios (thanks to Maria Anoussaki for hosting the event) on 12th June.
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A Permanent Impression
Whether you’ve been planning and perfecting the permanent image for years, or spontaneously decide “let’s do it!”, getting a tattoo is an exciting adventure.
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Acupressure Yoga
Acupressure yoga (or Acu-yoga) is a hybrid practice combining traditional yoga and Acupressure.
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Places to go, things to see
Underwater View of Antiparos, One-day Sailing Cruise to Koufonissi, The New Perantinos Museum, The Anthemion Museum
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The Paros Library
The “Paramythosedouko” group, with Niki Kapari (narrator) and Yianni Psimada (musician), performed on the afternoon of Saturday 13th June at the Public Library.
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IWOP Events
Upcoming IWOP (International Women’s Organization of Paros) events are:
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Paronaxia Arts
The Art Scene on Paros and Naxos: Exhibitions, Ceramics & Pottery Workshops, Film Screenings, Concerts, Karagiozis Shadow Theatre, Plays, IPAC news
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Dining Out
Reviews: Magaya Beach Bar, Bakiri Tavern, Il Basilico, Open Garden, Yiannis Cafe
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Letters to the Editor
Beach Cleaning: Steve Herbert emphasises the importance of educating the children to respect the environment.
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It's all Greek to me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month's summary of the local Greek press for Paros and Naxos
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New Hospital for Paros
“The construction of the new Paros Hospital will begin in two-and-a-half months from today and will be completed within two years”, promised Dimitris Avramopoulos.
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Daniel Tacet
Daniel Tacet died in Paris on May 11th. A man whose eyes and face constantly sparkled, revealing a dazzling spirit and intelligence that illuminated all those he met and loved..- FRENCH VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE - Version française du texte
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Sports Events
Swimming the Channel, NOP News, Fooball, Open Tennis Tournament, Vespa Rally, Paros Tennis Association Junior Tournament, Hash House Harriers on Paros, Archilocheos Dromos
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Water Management
The 21st Century is expected to be the beginning of a new era for the management of water.
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Un ami est s’est effacé, mais il n’est pas parti
Daniel Tacet est mort. Le 11 mai, à Paris.
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