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Nr. 121 - December '08 / January '09  
Some Thoughts on a Greek Christmas
You often hear people say, “I want a traditional Christmas”. Does the word “traditional” mean anything more than the Christmas you remember from your childhood? This summer, a Greek-American friend told me he hoped to come to Greece for a “Greek Christmas”. But is there a traditional Greek Christmas that he can remember? Has there ever been a “Greek Christmas” at all?
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What’s on in December & January
Schedule of events in Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Amorgos & the Minor Cyclades in December 2008 & January 2009
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Discovering Naxos on Foot
They say that the best way to discover a place is to walk through it. All your senses are in tune with your surroundings; you have the time to observe, and there are no other distractions to affect the experience. Moreover there are many exceptional areas that can only be reached on foot.
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International Women’s Organization of Paros
O Come All Ye Faithful... ...bring your favourite dish, your kids and your friends and join in the Christmas spirit with a joyous carol singing service to be held at Vicki’s house at Glyfades, near Isterni on Sunday, 21st December from 7pm.
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Christmas Concert
Loucia Samourkas (guitar) and Elsa Mouratidou (voice) put a spell on all those who heard them perform in the Capella on the last night of the Naxos International Guitar Festival in July. By popular request they are coming to Naxos again to give a Christmas concert with songs from around the world
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Rakitzo – a Taste of Naxos
The hot sun on Sunday morning, 16 November could have convinced you that it was still summer. But wafting along the harbour front in Naxos were the evocative smells of woodsmoke and raki, reminding us that winter is really on its way.
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Blood Donation
More than 600 volunteers from Paros and Antiparos donated blood during this autumn’s blood donation. The Association of Blood Donors of Paros & Antiparos thanks its members for such an impressive turnout.
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Letters to the Editor
An important meeting is taking place at the end of November in Pharos (Stari Grad) because in July this year UNESCO has listed the Chora of Pharos, i.e. The Stari Grad Plain, under protection.
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The Aegean Center Vocal Ensemble
The vocal ensemble of the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts began six years ago when director John Pack invited Orfeas John Munsey to come from Amsterdam to establish the new department of singing.
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Ensemble Vocal De L’Aegean
La chorale de l'Aegean Center for the Fine Arts a débuté il y a six ans lorsque le directeur John Paros a invité Orfeas John Munsey à venir d'Amsterdam pour diriger un nouveau département de chant.
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Jazz Duo Concert
Jazz saxophonist Charlie Peterson and pianist Paul Austin are both from Los Angeles. Paul is presently living on Paros, where he is writing about the thematic connections between rebetika and blues. Charlie is a welcome visitor, sax in tow.
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Paronaxia Arts
The Greater Journey is a collaboration between photographer John Pack and poet Peter Abbs. IPAC Music Appreciation Evening with Orfeas John Munsey. Photography exhibition of Naxos through the eyes of children.
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Tourism Research by Students of IEK, Incident at Paros Airport, Paros Health Centre Updates, Drama: The Christmas Town, Santa Maria Residents React, Paros Library.
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Richard Ward
We were sad to hear of the death of Richard Ward who lived near Tsoukalia with his wife Barbara from 2002-2007. He will be missed by his many friends on Paros and on the Greek mainland.
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Christmas Shopping Tips
Christmas is coming and holiday preparations are brightening grey winter nights, reminding us of what is really important. Christmas is a celebration of love, of giving and sharing, of making our home warm and welcoming to receive friends and family.
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Dining Out
Here’s a list of some of the restaurants/cafes which are open during the winter months and over the holidays.
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Keep Warm
If this is to be your first winter staying in the islands, you might not yet have realized just how cold and damp it can get, as this has been one of the sunniest autumns in many years. But if you have been thinking of spending the winter without some sort of heating device, prepare yourself for a shock! A simple traditional fireplace won’t be enough on its own to keep you warm. To make sure that your home is cosy and comfortable until the warmer weather returns, there are many options from which to choose, as you will see below.
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Ekatontapyliani Woods Saved
The small forest of pine trees around the Ekatontapyliani Church that was planted by the students of the primary schools of Paroikia some 80 years ago, has been in serious danger of dying out. But thanks to Mr Timoleondas Venetsianos, the problem appears to have been solved.
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It’s All Greek to Me!
Iris Papathanasiou does this month’s summary of the local Greek press for Paros and Naxos.
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Animal Talk
Naxos Animal Welfare Society & Paros Animal Welfare Society news. NAWS calendars on sale.
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Recent Press Releases
Press releases from MPs Aria Manousou-Binopoulou, Yannis Vroutsis and Panagiotis Rigas, Keta Notiou Agaiou, Commercial Association of Paros & Antiparos, Xenios Zeus Hotel Association, NOP (Paros Nautical Club), the Folkdance Group of Naoussa (XON), the Music Dance Group of Naoussa and the Archipelagos Institute.
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Sports Events
Football (Paros & Naxos) & Tennis News.
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Recycling Programmes on Paros & Naxos
In 2008, the Hellenic Recycling Company (EEAA) began the implementation of recycling on the islands, in cooperation with the municipalities in each area. So far the islands where recycling has begun are Paros, Naxos, Santorini, Andros, Kea, Kefallonia and Kythira. Other islands will soon be added.
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Batteries & the Environment
Revised EU legislation that aims to protect human health and the environment by ensuring waste batteries are properly collected and recycled applies from 26/9/2008. The directive also makes producers responsible for the management of batteries once they become waste. Where you can take old batteries for recycling.
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Blog for the Environment
The Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment & the Cultural Heritage (Elliniki Etairia) has created a blog at the Paros Community Network of Parosweb for the local committee of the association on Paros.
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