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Nr. 12 - February 1999  
Halcyon Days
Known as “Halcyon Days” (Alkyonides Imeras) since ancient times and written about by Aristotle and others, these sudden summer weather conditions in mid-winter are beautifully explained by the Greek myth of Alkyoni.
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What's On in February
Schedule of events – February 1999
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Archilochos Bazaar
A short review of the Christmas Bazaar at the Archilochos Hall in Paroikia.
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Scopas of Paros
Scopas was one of the greatest Classical Greek sculptors, but as with all named ancient sculptors, we know little about him.
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BBC World Service Project
Information about the ‘My Century’ Project for 1999 - on the radio and online - to which you can contribute.
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Millennium 2000
There are only ten months left before we embark on the adventure of a new millennium.
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Mac User Group
Is there anyone else out there using an Apple Macintosh on Paros?
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Online Shopping - Joys & Dangers
The Internet gives easy access from Paros to a whole new world of shopping outlets.
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Your Opinion Please?
We need to get your opinion on the continuation of this newsletter. We have now been running for one year and, looking back to our first edition, seem to have covered quite a lot of ground in rather a short time.
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But Let’s Party Anyway... !!
Kathy Spanou and Elaine Spanou have very kindly offered to organize a Pot-luck Carnival Party
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Animal Talk
Antibiotics available at the Pet Shop, treatment for ringworm and earmites and animal welfare contact information.
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Dog Problems ?
One of the biggest worries for many dog owners on the island is the fear that if your pet gets loose he/she may kill chickens or lambs and you will be liable to pay large sums of money for the damage caused. But have you ever thought about buying insurance?
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Cartoon Corner
Many thanks to Mary Godfrey for coming up with some more of her dastardly cartoons and announcing a competition to write a caption for the next one.
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Julia & Thomas
The marriage of Julia Sonnemann from Germany and Thomas Gemeliaris from Paros took place at the Lefkes Koinotita on Sunday, December 27th.
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OTE Tip: Call Waiting
How to set up call waiting so that you hear a tone if you are already speaking on your line when another party calls.
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Creche Application Form
The International Women’s Group of Paros are hoping to start a facility for childcare in Paroikia during 1999.
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Tarot-Astro Column
Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19).
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